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Enable USB Debugging From Factory Reset (Hudl 1)

Guest Cela1

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Guest Cela1

Hi all, 

I just got a second hand Hudl from a relative who asked me to wipe it for them and said I could keep it after that if I wanted. The first thing I did was to factory reset the device... It was only after that, that I discovered there was a first-time boot issue because of the Tesco servers (and my relative was not that tech-savvy so obviously dint have USB debugging enabled). After reading many threads from this forum (Seems like a strange hive of activity for the product ?), I found a workaround through the keyboard for the Hudl 2 (but as is my usual luck didn't work for Hudl 1). So I decided to try and modify this workaround for the Hudl 1 (I am genuinely horrified at how bad the security on these things are lol). Anyways here it goes:

1) After factory reset, power on device.

2) At the WiFi setup screen click the '+ Other network...' icon to add a custom network.

3) When the keyboard shows, hold down the microphone button (or apparently might be the coma for some) and click on 'Google Keyboard Settings'.

4) Scroll to the bottom and click 'About Google Keyboard'.

5) Click on the 'Privacy Policy' Link.

6) In Chrome, click on ' ⋮ '  in the top right and press 'Settings'.

7) Click 'SIGN INTO CHROME' in the top right. It will ask you to setup a Google account, just press 'Continue'.

8.) Click 'Existing'. It will take you to a new WiFi setup page, this time actually select your network and connect to it normally.

9) Now you may get an error saying settings has stopped. Click 'Ok' and then click 'Existing' again.

10) Enter your login details and press 'OK'... Then I get a couldn't sign in message, don't worry just click 'Next' and it should sign in then.

11) Click the next arrow and then back out of the chrome setting menu.

12) In Chrome, go to https://play.google.com/store and search for the app 'Open Settings (shortcut to settings)' and open the link to the app.

13) Open the link through the Play Store.

14) Click 'Install' and 'Continue' and wait for it to download.

15) Once downloaded, open the app. When the popup shows, click 'Open Settings and do not show this again'.

16) From here it's just the standard steps. (Go to 'About Tablet' > Click 'Build number' 7 times > Back out to settings and go to 'Developer options' > Enable USB debugging)

Hopefully this helps for anyone that needs to use ADB!

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