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[FREE][GAME] Maze Painter

Guest leekeechild

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Guest leekeechild

Catch ghosts and paint out the maze.


You are a paint roller and you should paint out the bricked wall blocks in the maze. After the game has been started you need to search for a trap set for catching some ghosts. When you have grabbed the trap set, a new button will appear on the bottom corner of playground. With this button you can set traps anywhere.
If a trap has caught a ghost, it will become an useful thing. Yellow ghosts will be paint buckets, the greens will be first aid kits. If you touch a paint bucket, then your bucket will fill up with paint and you have to go on bricked walls. When you have painted out all wall blocks, then will appear an exit symbol somewhere. You should go to exit for next maze.

In the default maze - that consists of 10 x 10 wall blocks - has three ghosts. Every next level has plus one ghost what will chasing you. Because the ghosts are enemies, and when you have touched one of them, your health will decrease. The first aid kits will help you increase your vitality, just touch them. If you lose all vitality the game will be over.

* random generated mazes without dead ends
* features in the options menu:
** right / left handed control support
** customize size
** hardware keyboard support. If you want to configure it please tap on 'keyboard' button. Choose a key what you want to modify and tap. Then press on the key on your keyboard.

Have fun!

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