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SPV keyboard???

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Guest cplowman

I read somewhere pre-SPV release (poss a review somewhere) that one of the accessories to be released is a slot in keyboard (apparently similar to the keyboard for the newish Sony Clie PEG SL series Palmtops)

Anyone else heard this????

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www.eleksen.com are developing a material board, which will work, apparently, although the pr email address i mailed, has so far declined to answer.


Soft keyboard pioneer Eleksen supports Microsoft Windows powered Smartphone and opens up the data entry bottleneck for mobile devices  

New fabric keyboard technology previewed at global launch of Windows Powered Smartphone in London

London, UK – Eleksen, the UK-based world leader in soft interface technology, today announced that it will be showing its unique fabric keyboard accessory for Microsoft Windows® Powered Smartphone at a joint Orange/Microsoft launch event in London on October 22nd 2002.  

“It’s no good increasing the bandwidth of the network if the last few inches to the user remain a bottleneck,” said Bernard Smith, CEO, Eleksen. “While handset manufacturers and mobile operators continue to increase the power and capabilities of wireless applications and services, their creativity – and revenue streams – are going to remain restricted by the physical limits that handset keypads place on the user’s interaction with this new world of commerce and entertainment.”

Eleksen’s unique ElekTex™ technology makes it possible to create highly durable, all-fabric keyboards for use with almost any mobile device and the company has already signed an agreement with a Windows Powered Smartphone licensee and is in active discussion with a number of others. The ElekTex sensing fabric uses a breakthrough technology that allows designers to develop completely new ways for customers to use and control their increasingly complex devices – without adding unnecessary overheads in terms of size, weight or power consumption.

“We are pleased to support Eleksen’s unique keyboard technology for the Windows Powered Smartphone,” said Robbie Wright, Director, Mobile Devices Marketing Group, Microsoft EMEA. “The ElekTex keyboards open a whole array of possibilities for Smartphone users in terms of how they use their phone and access their data, making the Smartphone all the more versatile and user-friendly.”

The first commercial product using Eleksen’s ElekTex technology, the Logitech® KeyCase™ was launched in March 2002 through a partnership with Logitech, the global leader in personal interface products. The Logitech KeyCase is a hard-wearing and lightweight fabric keyboard that provides protection for Palm handhelds and unfolds to allow quick and easy text and control key input.  


About ElekSen

ElekSen is a switching and sensing company that develops and licences soft interfacing means. Financially backed by 3i Group, ElekSen is a combination of expertise in electronics, software, fabric structures and production engineering.  

ElekTex is the first technology release from ElekSen and is already defining the capabilities of soft interfacing. The technology has been developed to enable creation of a new generation of consumer products with soft, flexible and lightweight interfaces.  

ElekTex combines conductive fabric structures with microchip technology. It is lightweight, durable, flexible, cost competitive and affords designers new opportunities in designing contoured and portable products for emerging product markets.  

ElekSen has development partners and licensees in several sectors including telecoms, PDAs, automotive, healthcare and sports/leisurewear.  

For further information, interviews and photography, e-mail: [email protected]

Issued by: ElekSen Company Limited, Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain. Tel: +44 (0) 8700 72 72 72 Fax: +44 (0) 8700 72 72 73.

e-mail: [email protected] web: www.ElekSen.com  

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