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1.6 - list of New Bugs?

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Not many ppl have already new update for SPV but for those u have it - could be nice to exchange news about known problem with it.

This the list what I found (I have 1.6 test NL version), I know some of you also install this :wink:

- all so called "flash msg" (Read and then dissapeard) - I recived from operator where empty!! When I recived on Nokia they where fine.

- When Conected to cradle with Activesync 3.7.1 - offen happend I'm uneable to explore mobile device - simply no folder over there!!

It's fine when I connect SPV with older version.

- Non of the method to decert SPV is working - would be nice if any1 will find new one :lol:

- On some SPV-s - no SMS recived for Long time (I have SMS delivery raport) - reset required!

more is comming .....

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I just called orange NL to find out when a new update is going live. They infomred that it won't take to long anymore and there are peeps walking around with a testversion. Now I've found one with a test version so I will keep a close look at this topic.

The conclusion that the phone can not be decerted in any of the "normal" ways makes be a bit anxious to upgrade my phone when the updated is released. On the other hand I know that it won't take long before someone finds a way to decert it :evil:

By the way how is the battery lifetime and phonespeed with this new (test)release?

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Batery life is much beter!

I used to charge my mobile every day - coz it was empty on the end of the day (even I didn't call much) now It can stay for few days in idle mode and max 2 days when calling from time to time).

True De-cert is not possible but I have news then soon it will work decert page as well for 1.6.

I's worthy to upgrade!! I s muuuuch more beter mobile with then without.


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I upgraded SPV Classic to Since then I am having following issues:

- I am getting some kind of noise while talking and drops the call.

- After it drops the call it can't pickup the signal again. Don't even try to search for the signal ever after restarting 10 times.

Are there any updates/fixes?

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If the phone is not finding a signal ater restarting the phone ( I presume you mean actually powering off?) I would try a Hard Reset as this is not a standard problem.

There is a bug with the UK 1.6 where if a signal drops you have to reboot

the phone to get the signal back again.

Topic moved to the HTC Canary section

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hmmmz bugs you say? not sure if this is a bug but i shall rant with it a little....

SPV E100

O2 pay monthly

Running Orange ROM 1.6

no idea what it was runnnig before i updated lol

Before the ROM update i was able to get mms and GPRS to work, using combined settings from various posts on these forums and the O2 website (took some work but got it to run)

With the new ROM i cant run either, same settings exactly, been over and over them.

When receiving an MMS all i get is two blank txts from 82020. Cannot send mms at all. When trying to use internet, i get a GPRS connection ('G' in blue box next to signal icon) but never manages to find a site.

Im not sure if this is a general bug, a bug because of my SIM ( still using an old Genie sim, but the wifes more recent pay monthly O2 sim has same issues) or the suggested issues between the Tanager and the O2 data network.

Even more strange is that when reverting to a 1.5 ROM (least thats what it claims to be) the problem still exists. :lol:

If i cant solve these issues its likely that my next handset will be an SE P800/900 :(

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