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Futurama 1.2

Guest blade001

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Guest blade001


File Name :: Futurama 1.2

Author :: blade001

Category :: TV / Movies

Description ::

Futurama v-1.2

Finally I have managed to finish the skin (well for now anyways). It has 11 customized skins like the previous version. The Home screen layout has been changed and added some more plug-ins to it. Graphics has been improved. Some colour has been changed in the scheme, so now you can see the appointment and tick boxes in pocket outlook. Also I have added start-up and shut down splash screen pictures. I have added a hidden link to links page too :lol: . And I have also fixed the registry key setting problem which I had in the previous version.

I have made two version of the .cab file. One for Orange users with the hidden Links page and another without for others. Download the appropriate one please.

This Home skin includes customized skins for:

-Home Screen


-Start Menu

-Dialling Screen Including The Banner Image

-Incoming Call alert

-In Call Screen Including The Banner Image

-Volume Control Screen

-Question Screen

-alert Screen

-Information Screen

-Missed Call

-Windows Media Player Skin

-Hidden Links Page

-'Startup' Splash Screen 1

-'Startup' Splash Screen 2


-'Shut Down' Splash Screen (Please note 'Shut Down' splash screen does not work in some ROM versions)

Please Reboot your phone after installing the skin. Some skins needs the phone to be rebooted to work properly.

[uPDATE] Check out the new Windows Installer. It contains both version of the theme. Just select the appropriate one from the selection screen. [/update]

Updated Mon, Apr 11 2005 1:58 am

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Guest megaman

i have one more question,,,why does the sound level decrease after intallation of the skin? I have to restart sometimes to get the sound level back on....thanks

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Hmm, interesting megaman. I've seen similar problems with my phone in the past. I'm not convinced it's any particular app that causes it, just a Smartphone bug. I've had to reset to get rid of it in the past.

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Skins looked and worked great yesterday. Switched phone off to reboot, and all worked well. Switched phone off (SPV old rom 1.16??) plugged in to recharge overnight (because battery was low playing space invaders and solitaire) then this morning .....

theme has disappeared reverted back to std Orange theme - Smart Explorer will not load it says its not digitally signed, IA Caller thinks its about to start a trial even though I have bought it...

anybody out there help please !!!!!!!!!!!



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Guest Mr_Protozoa

Copy the cab file to the phone (explore via activesync).

Then open the file on the phone with smartexplorer (or similar).

If you've not got smartexplorer on your phone you can copy the cab file to somewhere on your startmenu and run it from there.

Once the theme is installed the cab file will be deleted.

Hope this is of some help.

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Guest blade001

Thanks for supporting it, i really appreciate that. and sorry to all you guys that i was away for while and couldnt get back to you. anyways i am working on a famly guy skin at the moment. hopefully it should be coming soon. just let me know what you want to see in it. i was thinking of putting a media player plugin to it, but not sure whether a lot of people will be benifiting from it or not. theres an early screen shot for the skin. let me know wot you think of it. i am sure i have post the screen shot before. anyways there it goes, hope you will like it and i will get some feedback from you guys. thanks.


edit: sorry forgot cant upload any picture to this thread. i will get hte link for the other post but i am to pissed to get the link lol. sorry pleease take no offence form my language.

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Guest shadieb

Love the skin, and I'm really looking forward to the Family Guy skin as Family Guy rules :lol:

Only niggle I've found with the futurama one is that when manually dialling a number, the numbers come up on screen in white and the background is really light. I have to sort of angle the phone to try and read what I've inputted. Not a major thing, but would have been nice if the colour of text was darker. For all other screens it is awesome though.

Thankyou v. much.

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Need a little Help please!!!! Having bit of a prob with this skin on my E200........ :cry:

It comes up with "it does not have adequate system permissions"

Does this mean I need to have the phone decertified? If so how can I do this? Where? etc

I was under the impression that unlike the Original SPV and E100, the E200 was decertited as it manually asks permission to access some programs?

I'm a big Futurama fan, and it really looks like a top skin so I really want to get this one working! Once again, help please!!! Cheers all.

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Guest shadieb

It is a top skin mate :lol: One of the best I've seen. I only got my E200 a few days ago. What I did was I downloaded an unlock program for the E200, cant remember where from and you copied it into the temp and start menu folders on the phone. You then ran the program and voila jobs a good 'un. Been using it like this ever since and everything has installed fine.

I cannot remember where I downloaded the tool from, but I have heard by searching these forums you can use the E100 option on the Orange website for decertifying. No idea if it works so if you choose to do it that way, dont hold me responsible. :D

I'll try and dig out the site I got the tool from.

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The file has been removed. D'oh!

I have managed to download one called actionregister from a developers site but I'm having more probs.....

It installs A OK, but when I go to register it say that you need to active the lock program......so I open the lock program but nothing happens.

Any ideas? cheers for the help so far shadieb!

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Found another site with one on called E200.zip and it worked first time.

This is an absolute knockout of a skin by blade001, a hugh big it up to you m8......can't wait till the Family Guy or the Simpson one's ready!

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