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How to fix the homescreen bug on MPx200 with Jmms installed

Guest awarner

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Guest awarner [MVP]

THis is taken from xenose's excellent post HERE

As you might have noticed custom skins get garbled on the Mpx200 when the default MMS client Jmms is installed, if uninstalling Jmms it works again.

What happens is that Jmms replaces the standard msg-conter plugin with their own, by removing theirs and putting back the original it works again, and it won't affect the functionality of the mms client in any way.

I don't know if this is typical to Orange branded phones but here is the fix:

1. Make sure Jmms is installed on your phone first and reboot the phone.

2. Using your farourite registry editor (Resco works fine on orange locked phones) navigate to /HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/{2F930BF0-4A53-9E17-88E9247BAB48}

3. Reset this key to default.

4. Under this key is an entry InprocServer32, set this value to "tpcutil.dll" without quotes.

5. Reboot phone, and voila, it's working, you can now install any homescreen you like, just remember that when/if you reinstall Jmms you need to repeat the procedure.

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