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Tyler Doyle

Omnia II Will Not Charge

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My Omnia 2 will not charge. I've tried different chargers and different batteries, however it will still not charge. The phone its self will work with a charged battery, however it will not charge the battery.

I'm not sure what to do, perhaps I could get the charger port replaced?

Any help would be nice, thanks.

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hi there, i had this problem about a week ago. At first my O2 did charge trough usb cable (in my car and on my laptop).

When i left for a trip using the gps, i've got the message the battery was low, and so i noticed the battery was empty. Very strange. Even when in used it with the 12v-usb adapter it didn't charge.

At first i couldn't figure out why it wasn't charging anymore. Then i remembered i changed a setting in the usb-connection, under mass storage i've changed from "memorycard" to "my storage" so when i went back to "memorycard" it did charge again through the usb-connection.

Hope this can help you.

/edit : now i see your talking about chargers, i guess you mean wallchargers. Then probably this won't help you. But it's worth a try.

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