[ROM][4.4.4][ALL] SlimKat 9.1 UNOFFICIAL [29/12/2015]

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adeii    87
On 14.9.2017. at 4:22 PM, Kiodo1981 said:

@adeii I copied the LIBs in vendor but it does not work.
SK9.0 worked fine. I did not try the SK9.1.

OK. Newest SlimKat 9.1, android 4.4.4_r2.0.1, Display-legacy, BT-caf, audio/media-caf, NFC-caf, without any additions is build: (yes, for G330 and Y300 users too!)

Kernel is compiled with UberTC 4.9, like  SlimKat 9.1 CAF and SlimLP and OctOS KK and DU 8.2 and AICP 7 etc.

I don't know if NFC works (G510 only), BT works from second boot pritty OK. And we got usual uploading problem - phone reboot/restart on wifi uploading. on example after 33kB.

If you flash chil360's kernel for SlimKat 9.0, compiled with gcc 4.7, uploading works OK, NFC should works too. (SlimKat9L-kernel-v0.53 on download folder)

I did test: repack sk91 kernel with ramdisk files from sk90 kernel ( /sbin and /wifi folder, default.prop and init ), and zImage remain from sk91 ubertc4.9 as SlimKat91L-kernel-mixed = wifi uploading works!


So, now we have SlimKat 9.1 Legacy working.

Maybe the repacking with MM (LOS 13) kernel, someday, can solve SlimKat 9.1 CAF's problem with wifi uploading (and all other derivates' problem)!

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