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Omnia2 i8000 to win6.5

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Hi all,

I just bought an Omnia2 i8000 few days ago which it is still hold win 6.1 version, and kinda lag for the first impressin.

In trying my best to search a guide on how to upgrade to win 6.5, it just seems that my searched can't sort and organize the steps. I try here in Modaco as well but the results I got were appeared scatter to me. :(

This is my first smart phone and I need to ensure what I am doing.

I hope someone can hit me with the right stick on this. I am not good with computer so please bear with me.

My question is, if I want this rom, http://devftp.xda-developers.com/files/NRGZ28/PostGraphics/Omnia/EnergyROM_Omnia_Titanium.png, do I need to upgrade to win6.5 prior to this rom flashing?

I am using windows7 64bit btw.

Appreciated for any inputs, thank you.

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Thanks for the response Speedfrog.

How if the ROMs that were stated for 6.5 or 6.5.5?

Can I still flash with my existing 6.1?

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I think I'd ask a dumb question, sorry for that.

So the rom is actually like an OS to computer, you can just install a new OS without upgrading it.

Here is my device information:

PDA: i8000XXIG1

CSC: i8000XSOIG1


I then follow your link to the lite ROMs you've cooked, Speedfrog.

The phone is clearly out of warranty. But I just want to make sure it can be done and I do it correctly for the first time.

For example I want to use this lite rom of yours.

JH2 6.5.3 English ROM 05.09

JJ1 6.5 English Semi Lite ROM

...and one of the eboot, csc, etc.

JI1 (6.5.3)







MST: (the official JI1 rom)



I am a bit confusing about the JH2, JT1 terms. Can I use them on this phone?

I am really appreciate your patience in clearing my doubts. :)

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example with i8000NXXIJ6 rom

i8000 - > model designation.

N - > window mobile 6.5

XX - > region / network carrier designation (XX = open Market).

I - > release year (I = 2009).

J - > release month (J = October).

6 - > version number.

flash the eboot, csc, phone and the nb0 file (the rom you have chosen) dont install the MST file, this is the official rom from samsung with all samsung apps (its slow)

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Hi Speedfrog, I flashed my O2 with the above stated files except MST.

The both UI and speed are great, and Wifi setting is now can remember the hidden network I've added when I restarted my O2.

But I can't view Chinese language, I think I am missing something here.

Could it be the incorrect csc file I've chose?

Before flashing, I leave the list in csc file selection to be default, I8000AMNJI1.csc.

I just select the language as English (UK).

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use the I8000ZCNJI1 csc

the rom is english only so you wont get chinese langeuage, but look at this thread for a chinese keyboard.

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However, I downloaded a chinese.cab that can display chinese character and works well.

Once again, I appreciate your helpful guidance that help me learn how to flash, thank you. :D

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