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Hudl 1.3.1 Update

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Hi @flurry

You sir, are a gent.... Thank you so much, very kind of you, and much appreciated.... :)

May I trouble you for a little help please... I'm having trouble trying to flash this in Windows, using RKTools 1.7, and read somewhere in this forums, that the restore was meant to be done in Linux. I don't have a Linux box that I can access easily, and so was wondering is there a way to do this in Windows...??

Or, could I just flash the latest 1.3.1 STOCK rom, and providing I can find a working link to CWM, I can flash this to the Hudl instead??

I basically need to restore the Hudl, and preferbally... Get get Update 1.3.1 on it, and with CWM and root.... The root I should be able to manage, its just finding and getting 1.3.1 on it...

I'd prefer to use the file you supplied, as this has it all in it... However it's loads of IMG files, and the main System IMG doesnt seem to want to flash....

Any help gratefully received... :)

Thanks, Lister

12 hours ago, flurry said:

I think I've got the file you're looking for, I've uploaded it to here


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Not a problem Lister.

As far as flashing from windows goes, I'm afraid I have no idea. I use OS X usually, but used a Linux virtual machine in Virtualbox (running on OS X) to flash the hudl. Probably took a little over an hour to set up the virtual machine and maybe 15 mins of moving files to it in preparation.

Have you changed any of the partition sizes? I'm not sure how rktools works on windows but can you flash the images seperately?

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