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So I smashed the screen on my g300 and called support. And they said I'll need to send it in and get it repaired. But they said I'm going to have to pay for it anyway (I still have warrenty as long as I unroot it before I send it off) so would it matter what rom I have or if it's rooted. I really can't be bothered to reroot and do all the bandwidth BS again so I can use my phone. I've made a nandroid backup anyway so if all else fails I guess I'll have to. I just want to know anyone got any expriance of anything like this. Basically : should I unroot it?

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Once it goes back it will be logged if you have invalidated your warranty then if you have another issue later on that may be warranty related you would not be able to claim.

That's how I understand the process works.

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What's the point of sending it for repair under warranty if you are going to have to pay anyway?

Would you try repairing it yourself?

Some threads that may be of interest - there may be others:






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