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Wife broke my touchscreen!

Guest mandt

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I would see if carphone warehouse will actually change your screen for £45 first if not then go with HTC.

I broke my vario screen about 9 months in to owning it and the phonesafe insurance i had was voided because i didnt have a sim card in the phone at the time (badword wankers) so I had to fork out for myself, HTC did it all for £100 turned around in 3 days where others wanted a hell of a lot more. Its worth seeing how much the vario 3 will be but i dare say it will be about the same.


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Update time:

Well it being the 8th Jan I went to see this engineer I'd heard so much about and get wheels in motion for the fitment of my nice new screen

Effing Carphone Warehouse idiots!!!!, in the city of MK there are THREE carphone warehouses, and none of them seem to know their asses from their elbows

a guy gave me a number to call, so I go home and call it..... T-Mobiles number :D , yeah great help

I did manage to eventually find out that this mythical engineer is not back until the 10th, possibly finishing the last of the xmas pud, but I did get a name :( but unfortunately first I must endure yet more waiting........

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Another update:

Carphone warehouse is a no-go, they just won't do it :)

Thought it was too good to be true....

So I've now sent it off to T-Mo for an estimate, let's see what they come back with, I just want my Phone back now <_<

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Haven't got any, unfortunately

CPW just point blank said they don't do them, they will repair a 'Normal' LCD for £45, but didn't seem interested in mine

Like you say it'll be interesting to see what they quote....

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  • 1 month later...

Jeez this seems like ages ago now!

At the start of this week this ordeal finally came to an end, and I now have a brand new device to play with :(

Long story short:

T-Mo's quote was just under £90, which I'd already decided was acceptable for me, so I sent it off.

Came back after a couple of weeks, and I think they'd used a hammer and nails to 'fix' it, screen fitted very badly, buttons out of alignment, and battery cover scratched. I was not a happy bunny :D

Phoned them back, sent it away again for 're-repair', including a letter (also emailed to T-Mo) detailing exactly what I expected to be put right.

As befits the excellent customer service I have come to expect from T-Mo they did the right thing and simply sent me a new handset, so I'm well chuffed!!

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