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OmniaSIP: Adventures in the Orientation Aware Control for VS 2008

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
I was back in July last year when I first posted about the 'Orientation Aware Control' for the Compact Framework by Clarius Consulting. At the time I found it a great tool with fantastic potential, albeit a little quirky to implement with a bug or two.

Yesterday I set about writing a tool for i900 Omnia users to allow them to choose a default Samsung SIP, and I realised that making the application orientation aware was important - hence I revisited the OAC.

As it turns out, since I last visited, the OAC has had a significant update, which adds Visual Studio 2008 compatability and crucially seems to smooth the implementation considerably! You can read about the finished OmniaSIP product over in this topic (together with source), but the OAC now gets a big thumbs up from me! ;) For Omnia SIP, I have used the free version, which limits your application to only one form factor (i.e. in this case, 400x240). The full version however allows you to design layouts for any form factor you choose.

The OAC has a simple implementation process, an intuitive designer and works great... it comes heartily recommended now for all .net CF developers!

To learn more and to download the free community edition, head on over to the Clarius Consulting / OAC homepage.

Enjoy, and don't forget to check out the OmniaSIP source if you want to see the OAC in action!



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Damn you!!! I was going to talk about the control today!!! ;)

I can testify to its greatness, I have used it for months on many a project and can't stress enough how much work it's saved me...

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