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I am not sure if anybody found this before but, I have noticed that in registry there are following keys:














The keys are for Menu4Items to Menu9Items.

Once you manually (through registry editor) add a link to first item, for example replace "empty" in key "0" with the path/link to any application you want and you enable this page. It means that you can browse to this menu from TouchWiz and then you can add more applications without the need to using registry editor.

Maybe there is an easier way to enable all menu pages?

You can change the name for this page (or change names for existing pages), for example change "5th Page" in "4" to "Games" in registry key:


"9"="10th Page"

"8"="9th Page"

"7"="8th Page"

"6"="7th Page"

"5"="6th Page"

"4"="5th Page"





I hope that it will be useful for some people.

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Guest AndrewTan

No needs so troublesome edit the registry to enable page more than default 4 pages.

1. Move your page to last page - Office. (Page number 4)

2. Click Edit.

3. Slide your finger to left.

4. The new page number 5 will appear for you to insert new shortcut and you can simply change the menu title.

5. Slide agains to move on to page number 6 and so on.

Total 10 pages (include preset one) is available in OMNIA II menu.

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