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Samsung I8000 Rom dump I8000XXIH3

Guest gertitombo

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PDA part of ROM contains several parts inside.

Some parts are common for all devices: ULDR, XIP, IMGFS.

But Omnia II has some additional part - Language Updates. These updates are set of CAB files in format of MS Updates.

When u choose specific language, device boot into ULDR and perform re-assemble whole ROM (similar like kitchens do) and flash it back with packages of secified language. That's why changing language requires so long time.

pdocread grabs ROM already assembled by ULDR with predefined language. You can set english and pdocread wil make dump of english version of ROM. If you set russian language, pdocread will grab russian version of ROM. It always will grab only one (and already integrated) language.

I'm not sure if pdocread is able to grab Language update part from device of not.

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actually, i'm not sure if language packs are flashed to main ROM or additinoal internal storage (that 8/16gb integrated in device).

According Omnia II specs, main ROM has 512mb. PDA part of ROM usually around 450mb. So, if language packs are flashed to main ROM then only 50-60mb of user storage should remain. But really we see 160mb of free user storage in main ROM.

It let me think that language packs are flashed into 8/16GB additional storage.

May be that's why pdocread doesn't dump language packs.

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