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Switch Chinese ROM <-> Multilanguage ROM

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I didn't buy Omnia II yet. Here in Taiwan i can buy it with chinese ROM (only T.Chinese and English language available), but i'm interesting in multilanguage ROM.

Is there somebody who tried to flash multilanguage ROM (like G7 or H5 from this forum) on chinese Omnia II?

Or if somebody tried to flash chinese rom over multilanguage?

I thing both ways can provide evidence.

I know HTC devices have country lock to prevent flashing ROM from other country/language.

Omnia II supposed to have ROM with all possible languages in one ROM. But as we see there are at least 2 versions of ROM: 2 Langs (CHT/ENG) and 15 langs. So i'm not sure if these 2 versions are interchangeable or not.

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I've bought my OMNIA 2 in Guangzhou (but I think it comes from HongKong).

My first ROM was I8000HZHIG4 (it seems to have this H for chinese ROM, and OMNIA 2 name i8000H).

Then I've tried The G7 (without CSC), available here, alway chinese/english lang.

Because I cannot read Chinese and i'm more common with french, I've tried I8000XXIH5 with 15 languages.

i've flashed selecting french in Octans .... and ...... "job done" with OMNIA2 in full french language !

So to answer you : it is !

... And it was more easy to do than to change i908 (chinese) to i900 !

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Guest gertitombo

Now i'm confident about buying taiwanese i8000.

All of the european samsung I8000 phones comes from the same factory! They install different Rom versions for the continents.

Have lots of fun.


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