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[WM6.5 Omnia 2] Solved!: How to enable new panels to the new WM6.5 plugin screen (Titanium)?

Guest emperorben

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Sadly, this doesn't work for me on my stock 6.5. I've got mortscript, chomeeditor, atplugininstaller, everything. I copied over the .cpr, nothing.

Although, when I reloaded titanium, where it usually would say "schedule", was a blank spot. When I moved the panel on top of it, everything came back, but if it wasn't highlighted, it was blank. That's the only way my titanium changed when copying over the .cpr in the first post.

And I'm not inclined to try the reg edit above... with my luck it'll screw up my phone somehow.

/...worst. phone. evar.

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