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Orientation Detection v1.0 & AutoRotation v1.1

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OrientationDetection v1.0 is freeware(without warranty) written by mcbee.

This is designed for the Samsung GT-I8000 Omnia II Windows Mobile Phone.




This utility use the Samsung Mobile SDK's API to detect the phone movements

and change the display orientation to associated mode:

Landscape, Reverse Landscape, Portrait or Reverse Portrait.

Running this program, you can select a running application or type in the application's

window title to setup which application need to change the display orientation.

Support Language:

English, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified

Known Issues : None

Installation Guide : Before installing OrientationDetection, you will need to install Samsung Mobile SDK runtime library.

for Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM: smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_1_2_1.cab

for Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM: smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_2_0_0.cab

Link: http://innovator.samsungmobile.com/bbs/inn...1%7CcurPage%3D1

File (Version 1.0.3576.36540) -> OrientationDetection.rar

*NEW* (Version 1.0.3578.41931) -> OrientationDetectionv1.0.3578.41931.rar

Install new version with smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_2_0_0.cab.


1.You can remove a setting by Tap-and-hold on the "Existing settings" screen and select "Delete".

2.Some application title has a document file name or account name combine with the application name,

eg: "Notepad - file.txt" , "Album - mypic.jpg", you can use the fixed part of the title,

like: "Notepad -" , "Album -".

Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM: smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_1_2_1.cab -> smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_1_2_1.cab

Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM: smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_2_0_0.cab -> smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_2_0_0.cab

AutoRotation v1.1 from KingMobile by Pompoko

This is the autorotation software written by Pompoko at KingMobile. It's in chinese but straight forward to use.

I personally prefer this as it is very responsive.


The lowest time u can set is 200ms.

Steps to install.

1. Install Certs.cab.

2. Install smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_1_2_1.cab.

3. Run AutoRotation.exe.

4. Just set the time to 200ms, select the rotation angle u want. click start.

5. click run in background(button on bottom left).

6. Button on bottom right, top item is about, bottom item is exit.

You need to install the 2 files below and also the smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_1_2_1.cab.




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I am getting this error:








at TermWaiter.WaitForTerm()

I have installed both sdk and orientatiton detection to main memory

my phone:




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also on my my German OmniaII with original WM6.5 ROM:

I get can't run orientation notify.exe (when I start the programm) and "can't locate orientation notify.exe" when it is in autorun and windows starts.

Both sdk and orientation programms are installed in the main memory not the internal and SD card. Could that be the problem?

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I am running 6.1 on my OmniaII and I installed this programme to the memory card. I first installed the Samsung SDK redist. to the memory card.

It works fine! Thank you!

I tested it with the default programmes then fired up Microsoft Reader and saw how that went. No problems.

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thank you.

this app is very useful,loving it.

Hello, when installing .cab and executing gives it to me an error:

"The OrientationNotify file cannot be open either has not been signed with a confidence

certificate or cannot be found one of his componentes."

Can be fixed this problem?

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Thank you very much.

I installed now smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_1_2_1.cab instead of smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_2_0_0.cab, which is recomented for WM6.5 and it is working now.

so no worry to install the 1.2.1 SDK on WM6.5

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 That's it! Used the 1_2_1 cab, although I have official WM 6.5. Now it works and at last this device is doing what it should have done to start with. Thanks KSTAN, magnificent job!

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It doesn't work with SDK 2.0 on WM6.5 (J6 ROM). You need to install 1.2.1 instead.

Forgot to mention - great program otherwise!

Edited by maxw3l
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Very good! But two thinks.

-I can only choose from windows folder and the running programms. It would be good to explore all the files.

-And when this program runs, the buld in rotation for touch player and album does not work and maybe other programs like opera. Or when i explore the fotos direct from the camera application.

By album it is good to have the option whith the buld in rotation, when i hold the device horizontal and sweep a little to the left down ar right down, the fotos go forward or backward! I hope you allready know that.

Edited by katerini
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Hi all,

I am glad to notify you that the OrientationDetection.rar on the 1st post was need to update,

that version can't load the sdk v2.0 runtime, the fixed version was in the innovator.samsungmobile.com.

And some peoples say the build-in touch player and album rotation does not functional, I want to know

that which ROM versions you are using? My test result is don't need to add program's that the original can

detect orientation, the touch player and album work perfectly with default setting in my phone.

If you added some of that programs before, and having problems, you can delete it's setting.

In the "Existing settings" screen, tap-and-hold on that application, and you can see the Delete option.

:) :( ;)

Edited by mcbee
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