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Omnia 2: Tweaks, Flash Guide, Suggested Programs, FAQ

Guest tacchan23

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Guest Odysseas07
Hi, Can I just check... If I have an IJ1 ROM, I backup the device content using SPB Backup, I flash JC1 ROM while preserving My Storage content, and if I restore the backup, can I expect all programs to keep working including all settings as before, including the phonebook, messages, profiles, etc. etc.? Or can I expect something to not work--what is it?

Thank you

yoy cant install the backup that you have taken from Ij1 to JC1

You have to install all the programs again from the begin

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Guest jukefox
Sorry im kinda new here and i was wondering what application do i use to edit the registry? Thanks.


I am using SKTools to edit my registry. Pro is that it has several other features like backup-capabilities, system-tweaks and much much more. Con is that some functions are restricted, when the software has not been registered for some bucks.

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Guest gertitombo


I have installed WM6voipfull.cab and installed it. That's fine.

Only I cannot download "Setup Voip Tool" to turn voip on. Who can help me?


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Guest sucro

Hello everbody,

tnx veru much first of all to author of octan 2.14 , even i'm not sure who is, tachan maybe :) , or?

Tnx Sorg for his nice mini version, even it doesn't work on newer roms...

Tachan really you did great job with bunch of useful informations :) , i remember me that i did same for my first PPC before 2 years, and share with other people everything what i learned :) , you did same thing, and that's great!

Once big tnx for nice informations and nice tutorials! Tnx to all other members for their contributions in this thread!



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Guest jianweit

To watch Live TV on Windows Mobile you can download SPBtv here!

Suggested programs review by category

Here I'll try to list some, in my opinion, usefull programs (both shareware and freeware).

For every category, in Bold text are my preferred choices; in non-bold text are some more programs which it may be worth considering in a future updated version or are in need of further testing or have a very specialized use which could make them useful just to few people.

Please suggest me any more usefull programs to add to the list.

- System


HTCSensorSDK.zip (by GinKage): Emulates HTC's G-Sensor API on i8000, that is used in a number of applications, and in many games.

Auto-Rotate screen applications: applications to auto-rotate screen in any application of your choice. (I prefer to assign a hardware button to rotate)

DiamondVGA.zip: modified Black theme, with less black backgrounds to avoid problems with some applications having black text on black background. (works well, but it's not really a real Black theme anymore^^)

SRS WOW HD for Omnia2 (by whiskeybro): it changes the whole sys output drive to SRS WOW, so it'll work with any media player but samsung one; it'll disable SRS if u launch samsung player.

- System Utilities

SKtools: Simply too many features to list for system maintenance and system tweaking. Registry Editor included.

Just some interesting system&phone tweaks:

disable/enable Samsung Dialer - TuneUp/Phone Edition/OEM Dialer skin

problem with caller id - TuneUp/Phone Edition/Call ID match

sms sent notification (only work after disabling Samsung SMS application) - TuneUp/Phone Edition/Do not show "Message sent" bubble

TuneUp/Security/Disable warning when installing non-certified applications

TuneUp/Other/PowerOff-PowerOn sound

Other usefull functions:

Cleaning cache and free RAM memory


Registry Explorer

Move Installed programs changing the shortcuts to the new values

Manage startup programs

Manage Contacts and PIM

MemMaid: Better user-friendly interface then SKtools but less features.

SASHIMI (Freeware): a must have for ONLY people who like to Flash their ROM very very often, make reinstalling every programs much faster! (you must register to download it from the link). You can find a guide Here

JWMD Icon Changer for WM6.5 (freeware): change icons and can arrange order of apps in the WM6.5 Start Menu

SK Shortcut Manager: it helps manage/edit/create your shortcut and change icons (useful but not essential, here and here 2 guides to creating shortcuts manually or you can use Resco Explorer too). Mostly useful if you want to change icons (which may not really be needed anymore on WM 6.5)

JZ SmartMort v1.62 (Freeware): JZ SmartMort is a simple productivity tool (Copy/Paste- Opera Mini & Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire) (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Tweaks2k2: collection of many registry hacks (not really recommended, the freeware Advanced Configuration Tools listed below can do about the same)

Xtreme Tweaks for wm6.5: some WM 6.5 registry tweaks, fingerfriendly. (not really recommended, the freeware Advanced Configuration Tools listed below can do about the same)

Pocket Mechanic Professional: maintenance utility (not really recommended, less powerfull than SKtools and many users reported data loss)

Custom Colors: you can change the colors on your Pocket PC (not much that SKtools can’t do too)

SpeedBooster: it allows you to focus the CPU power to various programs running on your device (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

PPC Configurator (Freeware): This tool will configure your Phone not to see some of the SIP Programs you dont often use (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Mobile SafeMode: provides work in safe mode for Windows Mobile PPC (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Airscanner Mobile Encrypter v2.91: you can create volumes that hold all your sensitive data, or maintain granular control over the encryption/decryption at files or folder level (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Airscanner Mobile Sniffer v2.21: Airscanner Mobile Sniffer packs the power of a full-scale sniffer into an application for portable devices, may be useful to some people (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

The following is a list of freeware programs which may be useful to replace some shareware utilities (mostly SKtools):

cleanRAM v1.91: Release/free memory.

ClearTemp: It allows you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on your system easily and more.

Advanced Configuration Tools Allows you to easily modify more than 200 settings for Windows Mobile system and applications.

Settings+ v0.2 : sms threaded option, WM colors and fonts settings

Tonality: tweak the various hidden sound events deep within the registry

PHM Registry Editor: A registry editor if you don't have Sktools or Resco Explorer or in case of same special needs

- System Data Utilities

SPB Backup: Many features to make and restore backup of datas and installed programs.

Sprite Backup: should be on par with SPB Backup, but simply never tried it.

Raise Data Recovery: data recovery of lost information (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

CardRecovery: data recovery of lost information (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Wizcode Undelete Mobile v.1.04.005: data recovery of lost information (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

RAR 3.90 for Pocket PC (freeware) (no need if you use Resco Explorer or Total Commander)

7-Zip_9.05_alpha.CAB (freeware)

- Encyclopaedia/Wikipedia

Wikipedia in Mdict (mdx) format update on May 2009 (Freeware): The entire English wikipedia in your Omnia2. The file itself is 2.7 GB. Dumped on May 28 2009. Also there are Wikipedia version of other languages. No data connection needed, all the file in your storage card. Personally I find it very useful.

Upvise Wikipedia (Freeware): download instantly the entire Wikipedia article specially formatted for mobile device. It’s obviously more up to date but need a data connection. (personally not tested it because I prefer to have everything on my storage card but for people with data plan I guess it’s better)

The Wikipedia Encyclopedia for TomeRaider3 updated on May 2008: it’s older and not free… but it may be worth checking for future updates.

AbsoluteWord RoadLingua Geographical Atlas: Geographical Atlas with information about country location, population, economy, and military, map and flag. Didn’t try it and it’s a bit expensive^^ but still I decided to put it in my list of “maybe useful in the future” programs

- eBook readers

AllReader Plus: really the best eBook reader by far! So many option and features. Only downside is it doesn’t support PDF files so you’ll need also another reader if you don’t want to convert your pdf files first to txt.

RepliGo: it’s good for reading pdf files with a lot of images (otherwise difficult to convert properly to txt) but personally I’d use the already installed and free Adobe Reader 2.5 LE (or 2.0)

uBook: can read many formats and seems to be good with documents that have images in them, like PDF; very bad interface. (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Foxit Reader: another reader for PDF, I read some positive comments (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

PocketXpdf (freeware): a viewer for native PDF files (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

- Office/Productivity

SoftMaker Office 2008: This is best software for office compatible on WM, lot better than Microsoft's Office Mobile itself to open Microsoft Office files without data loss

uConvert: units and currency converter with a built-in calculator (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Panoramic Calc Pro Lite v2.8.0: 16 functions calculator with European currency converter and custom skins (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

HTC Calculator Build1920 (freeware): the HTC calculator from HTC Leo (NOT TESTED MYSELF, I guess it may be intersting just for the graphical changes)

Scan2Pdf Mobile: uses your mobile phone to scan documents and convert them to PDF files, it may be useful

Wizcode PhotoCopy v1.01.003: uses your mobile phone to scan documents and convert them to PDF files, it may be useful (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Jetcet Print: lets you print documents, photos, email, etc from your Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone. (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Below a list of CAD applications which I’ll be testing next year when I’ll go back to my real job of Civil Engineer


ProCad. CAD for PocketPC (Freeware) (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

ShortCAD Lite (Freeware) (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

BlitzCAD v24.9.8.1 (Freeware) (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

- Notepad/Memo (what I looking for: finger friendly, allow both typing and writing in the same sheet, alarm reminders, voice memo)

PhatNotes + PhatPad: installing both programs (from the same producer) you can get alarm reminders, voice memo, typing and hand writing but still the integration is not really good

AgileNotes v2.0 (note that the new version v3.0 is really crap and doesn’t support handwriting anymore): too bad it’s a very old release so it’s not finger friendly; also no alarm reminders.

VsNotepad: very very nice interface but doesn’t support typing and can’t save to Storage/Memory Card

Evernote: Type a text note. Clip a web page. Snap a photo. Grab a screenshot. Evernote will keep it organized. (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET, but it sounds interesting)


ThumbCal v1.3.5: very efficient and finger friendly calendar and tasks application. The other 2 suggested PIM below offer very powerful features to create links between, tasks, appointments, contacts, etc… but that comes at the price of needing a lot of time for learning how to use them. So if you are looking for a real user friendly solution, efficient, immediate to use and don’t need any “strange” features for you appointment/tasks managment, ThumbCal is the best choice.

Agenda One: I didn’t test the latest version, should be more finger friendly than the past (could be a good choice for people who need a more “powerful” PIM than ThumbCal)

Pocket Informant: I didn’t test the latest version, should be more finger friendly than the past (could be a good choice for people who need a more “powerful” PIM than ThumbCal)

SPB Diary: it’s a Today plugin, so it may be useful for people who don’t know how to fill their Today screen (couse using some other UI)

TodayAgenda (freware): as above, but it’s freeware^^

- Lock Screen

S2U2 (freeware): many great features (such as slide to answer and slide to ignore; vibration notify on connect; etc) and very customizable look. Too bad there are some issues anyway, like some hardware buttons not being locked (such as the camera button, but only with the screen locked not in sleep mode) and a major problem with the Caller ID function (sometime there is a conflict with the WinMo caller screen and it gets difficult to answer… it doesn’t happen very often but it’s annoying when it does.) So overall, I suggest it (and I’m using it too) to at least give it a try and see if the Caller ID is working well for you and anyway is a good choice for everybody who don’t want to use the Caller ID function.

Tylwith_s2u2_omnia_2_mod_with_config_fixed.cab: a mod (by Tylwith) for s2u2 to launch the samsung LockScreen. You can read more here

S2U2 customizer (freeware): Allow to easly customize the graphical aspects of S2U2. Too bad it supports only old versions and the development seems stopped at the moment.

PocketShield: Just started testing the new Beta for Omnia2. It looks nice but still to early to compare with S2U2 (which is free^^)

- Task Manager

Showcase (freeware): nice finger friendly Task Switcher/Manager, similar to the Samsung or SPB or PointUI Task switcher BUT with some very useful extras imho:

1) it’s accessible trough tapping the top right corner (so no need to map a hardware button for it and, still for my preferences, it’s better to tap on the top right corner where my thumb is usually around^^)

2) enhancement of the “x” button so that when you press it you can easly choose if to minimize or close a program (of course if you disable the relative option in the Samsung settings) or to access the task switcher itself

HTC taskmanager (not tested yet, reported not showing along with SPB mobile shell)

Indibar: perfect compliment of the above Showcase to show the icons of the running programs in the taskbar. Also comes with many features to be a complete and stand alone task manager/switcher but I choose to use it along with Showcase because Indibar task switcher is not very finger friendly or appealing graphic wise and because it can’t be accessed trough the top right corner (which at least makes it perfect to work along Showcase). Note: it’s not so easy to set the “correct” graphical settings but it can be definitely done.

WkTask (freeware): if you need a utility to show the icons of the active running programs in the taskbar this is very useful, but it cannot be integrated with Showcase as both are accessed trough the top right corner and WkTask itself as a task switcher is not really finger friendly.

Magic Button (freeware): I tested it just few minutes, about the same as WkTask

Dotfred Task Manager (freeware): a powerful Task Manager, not for a fancy switching/closing of applications, but with REAL features like Process and Service stop/killing, Notification manager and much more.

HandySwitcher: not really tested myself, but looking at the screenshots it looks like a non finger friendly and non good looking version of Showcase with less features (and for pay too^^). Added just to keep a record of it for future releases.

- Call Filtering

Mobiion MagiCall v2.2: really the best choice for Call Filtering, I didn’t even bother listing the alternatives as MagiCall has many more features and because, unlike similar applications, it ignores a call from the beginning and not just after the first ring. Also in the upcoming v3.0 is planned to have a Hide SMS feature (at the moment can filter SMS but not really hide them) which it would make it the final Call/SMS security/filtering application.


PowerSMS: the main features are sending SMS to Group, Auto Reply and Schedule SMS. It doesn’t replace your phone's built-in text messaging features.

ArcsoftMMS (freeware): is an MMS composer, usefull if you remove the Samsung sms application but still want to use MMS (NOT TESTED YET MYSELF)

Skb Group SMS and Scheduler: more features than the above PowerSMS but bad and unfingerfriendly UI.

SMS Scheduler (freeware): can schedule and send SMS to groups. The only good point over the above apps is being a freeware.

SMS at Hand: application for Threaded SMS (just thested the new 2.1 version... still quite bad in my opinion)

Vito sms-chat: fingerfriendly application for Threaded SMS. It’s very popular application but personally I don’t like it… just a matter of taste maybe and I experienced some problems too.

Resco Contact Manager: have a lot of features, one of these being Threaded SMS inbox (it uses the standard WM or Samsung app to send/write SMS). It’s a good application, but I will suggest it for other features not for the Threaded SMS itself.

- SMS security

EasyHelper SMS Security v2.3: can hide the secret/important SMS messages (including incoming SMS messages and existing SMS messages in Inbox). The hidden SMS messages are encrypted and stored separately. Quite good, it can also hide itself; it only misses a Whitelist feature.

ZedSoft Sms Organizer v2.71: I didn’t test it yet, but it looks like having many features for hiding (also Whitelist) and filtering SMS as well as backup, auto reply and more.

EasyHelper Information Hide v1.0: you can hide your private contacts and existing SMS (not incoming SMS). Only worth it if you need to hide Contacts more than SMS.

PIMorganizer v1.0: the UI is really fingerfirendly and good looking. Many features but I had many problems with it and not really sure if it’s actually working… may be worth check for updates.

Skb SMS Manager and Organizer: I wasn’t able to make it work… maybe needs to be tested again or wait for new releases.

Hushsms v0.1 (Freeware): is a tool to sent a class zero message (aka Flash-SMS) or a stealthy PING message to another cell phone. The use is quite limited but it may be useful to some people, for example to be sure a specific phone is switched on and to be able to send information to a phone without it being stored (class zero message).

- eWallet

SPB Wallet v2.0.0: it’s fingerfriendly but can only launch IE when accessing links of stored internet accounts (Opera support should be planned for future releases)

Steganos Privacy Suite Mobile v1.0: the WVGA version is still not available so it needs to be tested but it looks like having a really nice UI. Worth to check when the WVGA versions is released.

Ilium Software eWallet Professional v6.1: not fingerfirendly and still shares the same problems as SPB Wallet. May be worth to check future releases.

- Data Connection

NoDataInRoaming (freeware): DISABLE AUTOMATICALLY and prevent re-connection of data/internet (gprs, umts, hdspa, MMS, internet connection, wap connection) during roaming and restore/enable (if previously enabled) AUTOMATICALLY data/internet during normal phone state under home network.

NoData (freeware): MANUALLY DISABLE and prevent re-connection of data/internet.

ConnManager (freeware): MANUALLY DISABLE and prevent re-connection of data/internet. (personally I am using this one but just by chance^^ any of the above apps is on the same level)

WMLongLife (freeware by Chainfire): is an automatic 2G/3G band-switching solution. It will keep your device in 2G when you do not need to use 3G, and will switch to 3G automatically when you do need it. For most users, having your device in 2G uses much less battery, and thus your phone lasts longer on a single charge. (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Spb Wireless Monitor: measures data traffic via all types of connections and calculating network usage costs according to your data plan. (personally I had some problems setting up a plan usage by time and not by traffic; also it doesn’t seem to count data usage if I connect my PC to the internet trough the Omnia2 data connection. BUT I just tested it very shortly, so maybe my mistake)

Efficasoft GPRS Traffic Monitor: allows you to monitor GPRS Internet data usage (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

- for Fun (freewares)

hdWobble: Give it a try, very funny ehehe. Remember to also install the HTCSensorSDK.zip (by GinKage)

Ring and Run v1.0: Ring the intercoms and hear people shouting at you. But beware: someone can have a watchdog... (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET)

Pocket Coffee Mobile 1.0: have your friends ever told you "cool phone, but does it makes coffe? No? A pity...". Well, now your device will also make coffee. (funny app^^)

Flix v1.0.9.3: is a Cinema Listings application for Windows Mobile. It’s based on the yahoo movie search engine and shows a wealth of information about your local movie theaters. (NOT TESTED MYELF YET)

Pedometer Lite: Pedometer uses the accelerometers of your Samsung device along with mathematical algorithms to calculate the steps you take whether you are walking, jogging or running (NOT TESTED MYSELF YET; can be downloaded trough Samsung Kies: Application Store on PC if the Samsung Mobile Store is not avaialble in your country yet)

MoCo 1.0: provides Motion Shortcuts to execute the mapped programs (not really easy/pratical to use in my opinion… more for Fun than for a real usage)

PestBuster: creates a high-decibel audio to drive out cockroaches and mosquitoes and insects. (I doubt it really works^^ also I couldn’t manage to install it properly but still sounds fun:P)

- Phone/Contacts/Dialer/CallerID (brief comparison of the main features of each application)

Phone Extension v2: my favourite application in this category, overall the best layout/graphics with good skins already available for download and also very easy to edit skins to your taste (even for noob like me); all the modules can be selected/activated separately, so it can mix its features well with other applications (such as S2U2 or Resco Contacts Manager or Inesoft)

.Call History, Favourites, Contacts, DialPad: the best layout and graphics in my opinion

.CallerID: nice 2-way slide; good functionality with many options and skin on par with Inesoft and S2U2.Phone: good, extra feature for opening Notes application.

Inesoft Phone v5.07: all the modules can be selected/activated separately, so it can mix its features well with other applications (such as S2U2 or Resco Contacts Manager); many extra features even if not really on par with other dedicated applications; quite good overall, but best suited for people who likes to have all the extra feature (even if not so good) inside one application.

.Call History, Favourites, Contacts, DialPad: the layout and graphics are not on par with the other applications in this category.

.CallerID: nice 3-way slide; good functionality with many options and skin on par with other apps; the only downside is it doesn’t have an option to set a custom background (which is available on Phone Extension)

.Phone: good

.Profiler: the brightness option doesn’t work correctly (at least on Omnia2); quite slow in changing the volume icon on the taskbar; it’s overall more limited than G-Profile, the only plus being it allows to set also sound+vibration profiles.

.Vibro On Disconnect: good, other applications only have the Vibro on Connect option.

.Reminders: good, even if there are some settings limitation if compared to ReRemind or MySentinel dedicated applications.

.CallFilter: not really on par with a good Filter such as MagiCall (no whitelist, no rules, few actions available).

Resco Contact Manager 2.02: good if used along with another CallerID app (for example the freeware S2U2); may be worth for people who don't care for a black theme and who wants a smaller DialPad to display more contacts/calls

.Call History, Favourites, Contacts: good but no skins available to make it look as nice as Phone Extension and also I couldn't manage to edit the existing skin

.CallerID: it shows a short initial overlapping with the WinMo default caller message; also quite lacking graphically and not skinnable as above

.Phone: "bad" as it uses the standard WinMo during a call.DialPad: maybe the best, not as big as other applications so it allows to actually have 5 contacts above it instead of 1 (as in all other applications)

.SMS inbox: good just for threaded SMS inbox, it still uses the standard WM or Samsung app to send/write SMS

.Profiler: quite useless, as it's usable only from Today plugin; also just Sounds profile available

iContacts + iDealer (freewares): no CallerID feature, not so bad black skin, but in the end not much different from the Samsung phone application... may be worth to give it a try just to see if you like it more and couse it's freeware.

S2U2 2.14 (freeware): the best lock screen application in my opinion has a very good CallerID feature too.

.CallerID: the best one for the graphics, at least for my taste, but it has some limitations (about picture of contacts and no extra buttons)

Awaiting for reviews:



CommMgrPro v2.6

Spb Phone Suite v.1.3.1 build 1745

G Profile

Pocketmax phoneAlarm Pro v.2.31 build.391 beta3


ReRemind V6.1 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=498161

MSentinel v2.5 : http://homar.webpark.pl/


VITO RingtoneEditor v1.24


GX5 Ringtone Shuffler 1.01:

-access PPC from PC

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro v6.02 (

MobileController Professional v1.72



SBSH PocketWeather v2.3.1

Elecont Weather v1.0.954

Weather Watcher Mobile v1.0.17

Spb Weather v2.1.1.Build.1532





Lowcaller (non usa internet, ma chiama un numero locale per poi fare il voip) http://www.lowcaller.com/en/

Express Talk (dicono meglio di AGEphone) http://www.nch.com.au/talk/index.html

Ageet Corporation AGEphone Mobile v2.76

VOIP in WM61


NimBuzz v2

Octro Talk v1.21


SetupVoip: http://www.touchxperience.com/en/setup-voip.html

viop sms http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=347726

VoIP CAB & SipConfigTool v2.0.0

Ninthbit Caller v1.0

guida al voip in generale (inutile): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...on+Notification

Talkonaut v4.15

-Fake Calls/SMS

MobiTNT VirtualCaller v2.2

Fake Call v1.1

Fake Ringing


Speereo™ Voice Mailer v3.11:

Emoze Push Email

Voxit Mailer Voice Email 2003 v3.0


ProfiMail v3.20

-vocal commands/bluetooth

spereo voice launcher

Cyberon Voice Commander v2.5.1

VITO VoiceDialer v4.06

VITO Voice2Go

Microsoft Voice Command v1.6.4622

Jetware hands-free extension v1.31


-call recording

auto call recorder:

In Call Recorder v1.0 Build 1821.242:

Resco Audio Recorder: still eats more memory than audioNotes, and can't Catch the already known caller IDs.

VITO AudioNotes v1.37:

VITO Audio Notes Touch:


PhoneCreeper: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=527423

Windows Mobile Monitor v0.0.1.2 Beta:


4talk v1.3



Pocket Stock Monitor v5.8.1

Spb Finance 2.8.0


Talkonaut 5.02.22

mundu im: its better than any of the IM out there because its quite lightweight...





GoNews Touch v1.0

Viigo v3.0.44

SplashNews v2.0

SPB News v.2.0.0 build 3175:

NewsBreak v2.1.1.1107


Kais Internet Webcams:

Livecast (freeware):


IRCy 1.6:

zsIRC v2008.12.28 (Freeware)

-contatti bluetooth in raggio

Bluehoo v1.1 (freeware):

BuZZone 1.0:


Remote PC viewer PTvnc 2

.NET VNC Viewer v1.0.1.17


Mocha VNC v1.1

z2 Remote2PC v1.4 Build 1420

NetSupport Manager Mobile v10.00

LogMeIn Pro v2.30.511

PPC Tablet Remote Control Suite v4.1.1


Dont Sleep Wifi

WMWifiRouter v1.51 Build 1010

WiFi Monster v1.0.51.145

Panoramic WiFi Hero v1.1.0

Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi v2.0.51

Socket Wi-Fi Companion v2.10.13.0

Pocket Speed Test

wifi companion




Diamond TV v2.1

HandiTV v2.52

Web Video Downloader v1.3.0.0

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Guest yjkla

My phone is on silent mode but the camera sounds are still there, and i cant find any shutter01.wav or anything else in windows directory, i tried using total commander search and all those but i still cant find it.. and those shutter sounds just wont go away help please.. Im using i8000

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Guest silviaccio1
can someone tell me the use of Smart reader??

It is used to put a contact from a business cards directly into your rubrica (!!!!)

And it works very fine!!!

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Guest silversurfer7

Sorry to bother you with this question.... does anybody know what was the original value of "HKLM>Software>Microsoft>Shell>Rai>:MSCONTACTS" key "1"

I was trying to use Resco contact manager instead of the default contacts and i thought i copy the original value but i couldn't find it. This tweak is not working for me and i'm getting an error and can't open the contacts.

Tweak used:

Resco Contact Manager change this key:


Change key labelled 1 to :RPMContacts


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Guest skullpunk

I am using SKTools to edit my registry. Pro is that it has several other features like backup-capabilities, system-tweaks and much much more. Con is that some functions are restricted, when the software has not been registered for some bucks.

Cool i think i might get that. Thanks!

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Guest aeon_

how can i install the HTCSensorSDK.zip when i extracted it, it's a dll file. pls help.

and also the other dll files, i'm a noob when it comes to tweaking >.<

lastly, is there a way to update my o2 to 6.5.3?

Edited by aeon_
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Guest norm883
how can i install the HTCSensorSDK.zip when i extracted it, it's a dll file. pls help.

and also the other dll files, i'm a noob when it comes to tweaking >.<

lastly, is there a way to update my o2 to 6.5.3?

I like to use Total Commander.

Search for cab in forums or Google and then install.

Use the program to copy the .dll into your windows directory

Copy/Move then Tree then Move.

Allows old to be over written too

Hope this helps is your O2 a i920?


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Guest aeon_
I like to use Total Commander.

Search for cab in forums or Google and then install.

Use the program to copy the .dll into your windows directory

Copy/Move then Tree then Move.

Allows old to be over written too

Hope this helps is your O2 a i920?


thanks. mine's O2 i8000. thanks again. i'll give it a shot.

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Guest Jack23

I used this drive on my Omnia II and it caused the white squares/rectangles floating on my screens, I'm using JE3 based PDA with LEO 2 ROM 6.5.3. Any suggestions on how to get it to work normal again?

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Guest gebster

Hi! Please help me on this.. i tried to enable threaded SMS for Tmail. And it worked! Thanks for that.

However, i revert the registry settings back and installed resco contact manager. Now i would like to use again the threaded SMS for Tmail but nothing happens now.

I re-edited the registry and it just didnt work.. Can someone help me enable threaded SMS again?

Please please. Thanks a lot.

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Guest kubik73


How I can disable standard full screen callerid in latest JG2 6.5.3 ROM? I want to use S2U2 for CallerID but I can't do it, because standard callerid screen is always ontop, even if S2U2 CallerID is enabled.

Please, help me.

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