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who wants RTL support in Paul mcr roms

Guest bennyr99

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(First Published in the HTC Desire forum, applies here as well - please add your comment !!)


hey paul

we realy will be glad if u can insert the rtl fix for hebrew in your roms, like Cynogan doas.

can u please include it in your next release?

i know alot of poeple waiting for that in the il community.

thanks for your great jobs.

we all enjoy it.

if you want i can send you the fix.

thanks mate.

anyone who wants too, please post it here.

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BTW Paul - Thanks for the excellent r3 root for Legend. I enjoy it since the day that you published it !!

My main reason to root was to add Hebrrew fonts, and so I did, with the help of iAndroid.co.il

Now we need your support with the RightToLeft problem of Hebrew words & Numbers when combined in the same line.

Appreciate your great work.

Thanks in advance ! :rolleyes:

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