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Legend sound and network problems

Guest preckie

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Hi, I only got my HTC Legend for a few days. I bought it in Taiwan, but I have since flown back to the Philippines where I live. Now I'm currently faced with a stack of problems. First, the sound is absolutely gone. I can't play music nor does phone calls produce any ringing sound. I can hear the person on an active call, but never on speakerphone. Second, my sim card is read but it can't find any network. All these problems occurred without any warning, spaced just 2 days apart. It's kind of weird that this phone, not even a week old, may have hardware problems already. I can't return it as there is no international warranty, unless I fly back to Taiwan to have it replaced. I tried hard resetting twice, to no avail.

Anyway, if I follow the rooting guide, just what exactly am I getting into? I just need a fresh copy of Android with Sense as a last resort. I just want to reformat the OS if that's even possible.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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