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GT-I8000 Newbie: Which ROM to use for upgrade from WM6.1 out-of-the-box

Guest dtm_unisa

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Guest dtm_unisa

Hi All,

I just bought a GT-I8000 outright, so it's not network locked and want to upgrade it to the newest WM6.5.3?

I sent a question to my local authorised Samsung Service Centre, asking them if they have the offical WM6.5.3 upgrade - as I read that Saumsung Sweden are offering it in their GT-I8000, the reply I received was:

I have spoken with the Samsung technician, and all the information he is able to provide me is that the latest software release we have for the GT-I8000 is version I8000XSAIK2

So what does that mean?

The features that I would be using the most are:

***1. GPS program (yet to get one)*** very important

2. Internet browsing, facebook

3. MSN

4. Skype

5. VoIP program (yet to get one)

6. Any other useful apps when I am travelling?

7. Ability to make read unicode characters (japanese, chinese, korean)?

8. Nice app like WinAMP to play my music

9. Nice app like WM Player Classic (from the Klite Codec packs) to play videos

I have played around with an instore out-of-the-box GT-I8000 which was running WM6.1 and it was really slow, unresponsive, so I hope to increase some performance.

I really enjoy reading the forum and gaining up on my knowledge, thanks in advance to everyone that has contributed. I hope one day I can contribute something back to the forum too.


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