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Requesting help from all o2 gurus

Guest bboychum

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Guest bboychum

Hi, I'm new to the O2 mobile, and in my endeavor to install a custom rom I have found it a daunting task, as I'm still confused after reading through so many threads, which are as best vague, that describe, or attempt to, enlighten neophyte users to the O2 and the modding scene.

Ergo, anyone can enlighten me how EXACTLY do I go about installing, say Rapid & Noobody's latest Sense ROM?

I have updated my phone manually with octans downloader 1.91 to this:

WM 6.5.3




I'm from Singapore, that's why I'm using the latest official singaporean rom.

Yet is my phone currently compatible with Rapid&Noobody's rom?

Or is there any other Sense ROMs that perhaps i can try?

If I could, HOW do I do it?

Also is it a must to use octans 1.91 for Vista/Win7 users instead of the latest octans downloader?


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Guest darkworldzz

rapid's rom would be compatible.. but u will have to manually set mms..

since you say u manually falshed your rom so i would guess you know how to do a safe flash..

you could try enrico's sense rom.. its JC based so extra gps works..

you can also try ryrzy's rom.. but it has CHT cooked in.. which will have some bugs..

if you just flash the nb0 part you are safe.. flash it like you did.. you would also like to try JD1 phone part which acording to some dudes at kingmobi is faster and more stable.. the XS0 csc has chinese font and moakey input..

sry cant help you with win7.. i am using XP which dual boots into win7..

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Guest bboychum

Hi, so rapid's rom is compatible? I flashed the eboot too, but I have knowledge of the safe flash( flashing only csc and pda).

So in the status quo i can just flash the content (ie. the full rom) i that I download from Rapid's thread onto my phone?

What does he mean by the csc, specifically what version?

What do you mean by manually editting the MMS?

How do I look out for which roms are compatible in the future?

And if I brick/semi brick through an incompatible rom flashing, how do I go about salvaging my phone?

Many thanks in advance!

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Guest xkill3rprox

If you are interested in Rapid's sense ROM with the full Singapore ROM you're talking about then you have to make sure you have a lite ROM to install the cab file he has.

If you want just the Full SIngapore ROM just do the flash like normally.

Rapid refers to and CSC versions, i'll recommend you any version of XSO due to the amount of keyboards available.

I don't think you'll need to manually edit the MMS, i'm a Singaporean also, and normally, our SIM card will be auto detected by our O2.

If you bricked you phone, you can still flash it normally provided you have the non corrupted one.

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Guest darkworldzz

hmm.. i have never tried mms on rapid's rom.. but it was a reported bug tho.. and there is also no sms compatability with sense.. but u can read all of that on rapids thread..

if you wanna check for compatibility using s'pore sim card, i can safely tell you that all english rom here is compatible :)

perhaps a more experienced guy can help you more with that..

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Guest skoda60
I don't think you'll need to manually edit the MMS, i'm a Singaporean also, and normally, our SIM card will be auto detected by our O2.

If you bricked you phone, you can still flash it normally provided you have the non corrupted one.

If you used Rapid ROM then auto selection of SIM card go no way. You need to manually enter those internet modem setting, mms etc. Beside this problem, rapid sense was stable for daily used.

Now I was using Ryrzy Je2 sense. So far no hang of phone except when I used the chteditor on certain functions and it hang. This have auto selection of SIM card. I quite enjoy it.

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Guest bboychum

I'm very confused as to how to go about installing the custom rom (I only received the phone yesterday and I have no prior experience in dealing with WM).

Currently I'm using the newest SG stock ROM i downloaded using some samsung firmware autodownloader and flashed the eboot, pda, csc, and phone accordingly in the package with octans 1.91 .

And I've installed manila touch flo 3D UI, not too lag, but I realize there were a lot of stock candy fancy stockapps that I'd prolly never ever touch them, so I'm thinking of removing them.

But I'm unsure how to flash a custom rom.

Do i just keep my current latest SGP eboot, phone, while flashing only csc and pda?

What's the diff between lite rom and custom roms like ryrzy's or rapid's custom rom?

My main aim is actually to use one of the SENSE ui to emulate the HTC feel, while reserving enough device storage and RAM.

So how do i go about doing it?

I'd appreciate if you can give me the link to the files that you personally used, since all of us are singaporeans and i won't go wrong using your settings.

Many thanks in advance!

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Guest NoNam3

"What's the diff between lite rom and custom roms ??"

Custom roms are roms "cooked" by other people ( they add/remove programs and change different things on the rom ie. interface, icons, wallpapers etc. ) Custom roms cand be Lite ( some of the programs are removed ), Ultra Light ( most of the programs are removed ie. on Omnia II the cube is removed on UL roms and all the stuff that basicaly comes from the manufacter . The purpose of the Lite/Ultra Lite roms is to make the phone have more C: storage and more RAM, but in the same time you dont have the things that comes with the original firmware.

Sometimes you can flash only the PDA part, because in CSC doesn't contain so much thing ( auto network detect, and some stuff ). When you download a cooked ROM the "cheff" mention if the rom needs to be flashed with CSC/EBOOT , etc.

Some of the custom roms can be buggy.

You can try all kind of roms cooked for your device type. You need to look at the code of the rom to see if it's an old version or new

ie. I8000NXXII2 it's older that I8000NXXII9 and so on. II < IJ < JA < JB < JD ( the latest I think is JF5 )

I'm not an expert so if I wrote something wrong sorry, just trying to explain from what I've been reading.

On my omnia II I tried some roms, but some of them had some bugs. ( right now I'm with Rapid's Naked Lite Rom JF5 + SPB shell 3.5.5 Interface wich can be installed anytime, beeig a .cab)

The procedure is very simple:

- download the firmware uploader ( i use OCTANS Mini-Downloader 2.11 )

- download the PDA rom

- install CDMA drivers for the phone ( if u'r using samsung phone)

- power off the phone and leave it like that

- open OCTANS mini downloader and press NB0 and chose the rom ( if you want to flash the CSC part too, press CSC and choose CSC part )

- DO/DO NOT erase My Storage ( optional delete content of my storage not storage card )

- press Detect and conect the phone ( while is power off ) to the USB of computer ( you should see something on the phone and the START button in OCTANS became usable.

- Hit start and wait to finish.

Flashing only PDA with or w/o CSC is safe from what I understood and you can not brick your phone.

You cand download the roms from Rapid's Custom Roms ( there are other roms on the forums )

( have more options >> Naked Roms >> Sense Roms >> Touch FLo 3d Roms etc

OCTANS Mini-Downloader should be easy to find if you google it.

HTC have more RAM and runing HTC on Omnia cand be some laggy, haven't tried yet.

Pretty much this is the whole procedure. Hope it helps.

Edited by NoNam3
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