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My first mixed rom JH1

Guest lamducthien

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Guest lamducthien

First, I have a problem with battery in JH2 ( you can read my problem here link post #54 ) and I decide to back to JH1. Before that I try SB30, it very wonderful but I prefer official rom. Now, I am very busy to download NXXJH1 but I have download JH1 leaked from kingmobile.net before. I try to up my phone with JH1 from kingmobile except CSC, I use the CSC from SB30. After all, I have a very interesting rom.

Many thank to:

- Sonblack and all his team ROM ( for all ROM very beautiful espeially SB30)

- Givesoft ( for his thread H1 leaked from kingmobile.net )

- Alex823 (for his mirror that I down H1)

- DDmen ( for his JH2 rom )

- All people from here, pdaviet forum, samsung forum... ( for all knowlege about window mobile, I8000 that's the first phone with OS I have used )

Some images about "my first mixed ROM" ( let me call it like that):




Finally, I hope all people creating any part of the ROM I mixed give all permision. All link that's on this forum.

Thanks to all

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