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Samsung Focus specifications and reviews

Guest paiso

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Couldn't find thread with specs and reviewers opinions, so decided to share. I'm a huge cell phone and gadget fan, never had samsung smartphone before, so I'm interested in people's opinion regarding the brand and this particular handset.

Samsung Focus specs (similar to Omnia 7)

- 4" Super AMOLED, capacitive, multi-touch device, WVGA resolution (480x800)

- 5 MP Camera (720p video), 0.3 MP front camera

- 8 GB storage

- microSD/SDHC memory expansion

- Wi-Fi, microUSB

- 1 GHz CPU

- 1500 mAh Li-Ion (6.5 h talk time, 300 h stand-by)

So far looks fine, would suite me perfectly. However, I'd love to get some user opinions (overall) about Samsung devices, as the only one I've used for a couple of days was the Wave (bada os) and to be honest, the only thing that was an eye catcher in my opinion, was the display. Looking at the reviews Gizmodo prefers HTC HD7 over Focus, Phone arena likes it, except for the plastic casing.


Samsung Focus Review (in-depth)

Review at Gizmodo (quick one)

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Going by the Omnia2 screen, Omnia devices are my first choice but I had to go for the HD7 due to availability.

HD7 is not bad at all, especially for people enjoying huge displays (HD2, EVO 4G), not my type, though.

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Guest ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy

I'm buying the Focus on launch day. Just sold my iPhone 4. Main smartphone is a Dell Streak. Love Android, but want a WP7 device so badly. I want the Dell Venue Pro, but it isn't out until next month, and it's locked to T-Mo. Focus seems like the best offering on the ATT network don't you agree?

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Guest kawgirlval69

the focus is pretty sweet... not had a problem with it so far and ive had it since launch day... m/s will need many updates but i expected that...what brand new o/s didnt...

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Guest haroldgv

I've had several cell phones and I was really impressed with Windows Phone. I had a Samsung Focus, and I was very happy with it. If you get into Windows Phone 7 experience, I would describe the Focus to give you a great experience.

Let me clarify: my point of view might not match with other readers, but as well as I respect people who hate Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc, there might be people that owned the device and disagree with me.

Overall, the phone casing looks plastic, but it does not mean that it's made of bad quality. It feels light on the hand. I don't need a heavy device at hand to know it's made of good quality or not, so the Focus specs really impressed me.

The screen is superb. One of the best that I've seen. I really liked the way colors looked and the detail in the pictures. Some people have complained of some color dithering on some pictures, but it looked quite good to me.

Camera was excellent. Photos and geotagging did their job, I really liked the feature to review the last picture. Pretty neat, I have not seen that on other mobile OS. I hates that the camera preferences are not saved, that's a huge improvement I would expect in Mango update. I liked having all my recorded videos on 720p instead of VGA quality by default.

The phone I got had a 16 GB card. That, plus the integrated 8 GB, made enough space for my pictures, music. I really liked Zune player, it's very easy to sync music. Samsung earphones included in the phone are not top of the line, but not the cheapest. They are over average quality. Controlling the tracks from the integrated control in the cord was very helpful. I erally liked jogging and having the included earphones due to the easy way to handle tracks. Sound was very good from my point of view.

I once did USB tethering and worked great. This was a nice feature. Such a shame my data plan was the cheapest one, so I could not make more extensive testing, but hey! It works!

Battery looked good to me. I could go for 2 days without charging.

Additionally, I really liked having my car bluetooth speaker linked to the phone. I have to say that it has been one of the best experiences using a bluetooth speaker. Native voice dialing from Windows phone works! This is certainly awesome, compared to iOS and Android time in the market. Sorry, it is better that the ones installed on iPhone 4, HTC Desire HD, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and others... just to name a few devices. I could just get similar functionality with Windows Mobile 6.5. I really liked way the phone listed to what I had to day and could determine if I was saying a number so I could just tell it the phone number and dial, or it will detect if I was saying a contact name. Awesome. It worked 95% of the time.

I'm located in Costa Rica. Phone software was available in Spanish. I'm very glad Samsung, or AT&T included that in the software. 3G worked flawless.

Typing was not bad, keyboard was very accurate (I have long thin fingers so it worked for me) . I was very happy with the device.

My only concern was everybody's topic: Apps. Don't get me wrong, Marketplace it's getting into a position where apps will leverage with the same iOS and Android versions. Some time is needed, but it's happening in such a fast rate. My concern falls under the category of non allowed countries to buy apps. Since I am located on a country not allowed to buy apps from the Marketplace, I could not buy any apps. That made me sad. This should be a very straight forward process. I'm not asking for special discount or accesses, I just wanted to buy games to keep me amazed on the growing mobile OS platform. I don't understand why not to include paypal or other ways to take my bucks and exchange them for some end user happiness. Microsoft... what's going on that you don't like my money?

Other than that, I've been thinking on getting a Focus again. I'm tempted to get an HTC HD7, but since the Focus experience was so good, why not go back to that.

There should be plenty of reviews out there, but hope this helps some people.

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