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android on Omnia killers

Guest sovefrank

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I have been following this topic for a long time, at times frustrated by posters who ask stupid or the same questions over and over again. I have even been angry with people who questions the devolopers integrety even though in the back of my head I've harbouring some of the same toughts i dont want to think it but still. But now what really fires me up is the closing of the topic in this forum it is destructiv for the process undemocratic and every member in here should have the right to say and feel and express their meenings, you developers and moderators should bee able to ignore whatever you dont like or disagree with without using soviet style means

I of course agree that foul language direct accusations of fraud is silly and unnecessary but just ignore it dont censore because who decides what is what and thats a dangerous thing

Last but not least to the devolopers THANKS For all your hard work we belive in you and with every fibre in our bodies support you THANKS.................

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if you have read last post in that thread, you should've known, as well as another thread by dpspcdrgn

soviet style?! are you trying to start another flame war here?



below is what you wrote by using report function

i dont know if you are aware that soviet style means to hinder or silence other peoples opinions just like you did with me

Just to be clear i have no intention of starting a flame war just to let people and devolopers know my oppinion and to give my support

my simple answer to you is:

it's not about what you want, it's about what we want. get it?

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