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Hi all,

Due to new policy on forum which doesn't allow to direct selling of item/service, my old topic was removed.

Now I need someone willing to help me advertise my service on another language forums. In return, I'll give you 1 free unlock code for you Omnia 7 or Galaxy Tab / whatever Samsung android and windows mobile, depends on what you choose B)

Currently I'm looking for France, Sweden, UK and USA, and another country from EU which OMNIA7 released there.

Some requirements:

- Forum that you put my advertise must allow to post advertising/commercial service.

- Only 2 most popular forums for each different language are needed.

- Quote or post my old post (I'll send you detail again)

- Direct payment link inside that post is my direct paypal payment link.

As I mention before, you will get 1 unlock code for free (cost 19.99EUR :-p) for your Omnia7 / Galaxy Tab / whatever Samsung android and windows mobile phones you want. I'll send the code to you after 1 or 2 working days from the day you post the link on another forum.

If you interested in, please PM me for details.

Thanks for reading :)

If you don't want to do those "complicated things" , you can also purchase an unlock code from here:


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