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By builds (newer to older):

Sense 2018 CFC'd:

WM 6.1 21057

WM 6.5 21914

WM 6.5.3 23138

I put together all windows builds in one kitchen. Haven't tested it tough and would like to have some feedback as I don't think there will be any problems ;)

Little basics:

* dsm and rgu files inside each folder are used by buildOS when creating the ROM. without a dsm, the rgu will not be read (and they must be lowercase).

* The rgu is where you get the registry of the ROM

* The BuildOS read the rgu alphabetically, so if you want some reg key updated that you don't know where to find, put in the MyMods since its the last BuildOS will read (and overwrite any key already written)

* You CAN update the windows build. Just create a SYS_XXXXX with the same folders as the version before it and the XIPtools with a XIP_XXXXX with the same contents as the others (but taken from the build you are updating) and copy the .ROM and .VM from the older WM build to the newer

* To update the firmware version is a little harder and require some RomTool knowledge:

1. Take a dumped ROM of the version you want (in the language you want);

2. Extract the ROM with ROMTool;

3. Run twu2's script over it;

4. Overwriting section - By overwriting I mean delete the folder and copy the newer. DON'T copy one folder over the other!

4.1. Overwrite the Samsung Programs already existent on my kitchen\OEM folder with the newer version;

4.2. Overwrite ALL OEM folders on the kitchen\OEM folder (OEMApps, OEMDrivers, OEMLang_XXXX, etc)

4.3. Overwrite the kitchen\ROM

* When changing the Windows Language, most language changes can be done in the 0_EN folder (including the rgu in there)

Patch: No_HTC_Messaging.rar

- Extract the attached file to kitchen\zzHTC_Messaging_Client_v1_8_20171628_00_NOT to be able to use SMS/MMS without HTC Messaging



Windows Mobile 6.1 build 21057 Alpha

Attention: This version has known bugs and can be followed from post 1962.

Known Bugs:

- in All Messages you can't scroll, new message or press on any of your message in the inbox.

- you can't add or go to a favorite in the internet tab

- you can't press menu in the music tab

- the font in photo tab is huge

- sometimes sense just restarts randomly

- add a wallpaper on homescreen and lockscreen

- you cant turn on/off any of the Wireless controls.

- you cant scroll in hardware and software information

- the "battery" option doesn't work.

Ps.: I added a HTC framework I found that is supposed to be compatible with this build. Feel free to try. UPDATE: it doesn't work.

Ps2.: Installing Samsung Dialer on this build removes the signal icon on the taskbar.

To use this build you have to change this reg line on Manila_Settings RGU:



When using this build, go to OEM\HTC_Framework (that without any WM version) and remove HTCAFE.DLL



What is on the kitchen:

* Possibility to use or not HTC Messaging client

* All Messages link to windows messaging (if you do not select HTC Messaging)

* Samsung File Manager and Photo Album added as they are pre-reqs for Samsung MMS (when not using HTC Messaging)

* Samsung Large Indicator on by default

Common Personalizations:

* Power On/Off animation (by emse_186 @ XDA)

* Altered CAMERA.EXE that makes the filenames like SNC_YYMMDD_HHMMSS.jpg (by zorg)

* Altered Manila album so that it points to:

*** \My Storage\DCIM\I8000CAM

*** It is possible to change the default place on the tab

* Open GL - by Ginkage & ChainFire

* Samsung SDK 2.2.0

* 4 rows Start Menu with honeycomb

* XTRA activated by default

* All certificates check disabled

* Any Dialer patch (so that Contacts tab can dial with them)

Known bugs

* Video call not available with HTC Dialer

* some HTC hardware control apps doesn't work (obvious) :(

* You may have problems flashing the built ROM without updating your eBoot

Unknown bugs

* Not known yet... Still searching! Will you help me?

Not Recommended Apps:

Cookie's Home Tab Editor’s lockscreens: users have issues like sense restarting randomly.

Showcase: users reported Sense restarting by itself with it


* You can change the lockscreen wallpaper by going to:

*** Start=>Pictures and Videos, then select your picture=>Menu=>Set as Home background

* To increase performance, select to change the wallpaper to an animated one and select any png file(not animated is better),

*** this will disable the weather animation

* For MMS usage with HTC Messaging, its necessary to configure manually the information from your operator on its options.

* Wanna Bluetooth and Wifi ON/OFF Toggles? Grab it here.

* Reg Editing for the 3 sec delay:





* To change the manila language when building, do the following:

Edit any rgu and put the following lines:





Where XXXX equals:

0401 SAU Arabic المملكة العربية السعودية

0403 ESP Catalan España

0404 CHT Chinese Traditional 台灣

0405 CSY Czech Česká republika

0406 DAN Danish Danmark

0407 DEU German Deutschland

0408 ELL Greek Ellas

0409 USA English United States

040B FIN Finnish Suomen tasavalta

040C FRA French République française

040D HEB Hebrew מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל

0410 ITA Italian Repubblica Italiana

0411 JPN Japanese 日本

0412 KOR Korean 한국

0413 NLD Dutch Nederland

0414 NOR Norwegian Bokmål

0415 PLK Polish Polska

0416 PTB Portuguese Brasil

0419 RUS Russian Россия

041D SVD Swedish Sverige

0804 CHS Chinese Simplified 中华人民共和国

0816 PTG Portugese Portugal

0c0a ESN Spanish España

To remove languages from the kitchen (I use it after BuildOS is done as it is easy)

Using Total Commander:

1. Go to the temp folder

2. Search for: *_manila

3. Find text: <xliff version="1.0" lang=" (this will select all language files)

4. Unicode

5. Feed to listbox

6. Open search again

7. Find text: "en-us" (or any language that you want to keep)

8. Unicode

9. Important: Find files NOT containing the text

10. Feed to listbox

11. Select all and delete them

Go to the 0_EN and rename every file with 0409 in it with the same number you used above.

Search the net for KenRename... it can be very helpful with this task ;)

And finally:

Download link

Password: shadow

* For the extraction, use WinRAR 3.93 or 7zip 9 (or higher versions) - older versions do not work.

* Password: shadow

Wanna take a look at my stuff? Go to my 4shared (on the signature)

Thanks to:

Enrico988 - for his help with understanding the Manila packages

twu2 - for his very nice php script

Wes58 - for his RomTool

Tylwith - for the honeycomb


- There are NO guarantees, build and flash at your own risk.

- It was made for personal use. If you build anything based on this, please just mention my help ;)

- Don't ask me how to add or remove X application, I'm very away from the forum

- Try to fix or solve issues by yourself... and share solutions with the forum, so everyone gets benefited. I can't dedicate full-time support to this.

- I may not answer questions that are already explained on this thread... Use the search feature, please ;)

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e aih meu brother tudo blzau ??

cara, vc desse jeito tá me forçando a comprar um DOISZÃO ! ;)

isso faz a diferença bro...mandasse mais que de bem pra rapaziada ! ;)

valeu bro. :(



my brother all right? ;)

dude, you're that way forcing me to buy an O2!

makes a difference bro ... send more than good for guys!

earned bro.


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e aih meu brother tudo blzau ??

cara, vc desse jeito tá me forçando a comprar um DOISZÃO ! ;)

isso faz a diferença bro...mandasse mais que de bem pra rapaziada ! ;)

valeu bro. :(


english please, since this is an english forum.

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