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Arm9 Fatal error or Force RAM Dump mode

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Hi everyone,

This morning i'm having some trouble with my Omnia 7 as you can see in the quick photo attached.

In the upper green box it's written:

Arm9 FATAL error or Force RAM Dump Mode !!

if the error message exist, ARM9 FATAL error!!
the SAMSUNG logo in the middle in light blue :
Connect the device to PC and Dump Memory
in the red box :
MOD fs_pm.c 01988

DebugDump Base offset = 0x2e75d400

this is not my main phone and i'm using it to test WP7 , I never used anything on it except Zune ...

I downloaded "I8700_WP7_Downloader_Ver_7.03_For_Retail_Device__Product_Force_Select__.exe" and some roms to overwrite phone content

this software detects the phone correctly but cannot copy Roms on it , it says "this device is not retail device"

If someone got a solution how to dump its memory and completely erase it , in order to flash it with some of the ROMs that I have or any other exit to this situation.

Thank you ! :lol:


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