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create a rom for omnia 2

Guest cuboc

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already know that there is a proper place for this, but do not want to do with this topic or at least try not to do more of it, which also depends on you.

I have read various topics of roms, but always get to a conclusion: after installing on my O2'm always disappointed, almost all have lag, they are slow to spend more memory that is informed by post of the rom.

So I decided to try, together with you and agree with you, create a topic in this forum just to roms created by you, so that there is monitoring, and review preliminary quote for the same.

Thereby suggested:

Programs that should have the roms, but previously there was a ballot of justification for programs.

That source interface must have Sense, TouchFLO so on.

boot and shutdown images.

tweaks of origin.

These are the few points that we can discuss in order to create a point of view of a main rom, fast, simple, intuitive and unique.

So here we can get a rom MM (MoDaCo mobile).

I think all of us should have already tested some 10 different roms back to factory, why not be a potent alternative, I see there are many people here with the potential for it, but then wasted a rom and that nobody uses, so that even the created it.

let your opinion?

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