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usage on froyo

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Hi guys,

I want to share my experiences using this fine Froyo Beta. Like the most users I have used android since the first beta arrived. I want to share my experiences and setup.

I have Froyo running for a while. I must say that its really stable comparing to the earlier beta versions.

I found out that some tweaks can approve your battery life and stop most of the screen of deads which is my only problem.

This is what I did some tips are from others some are my own experiences and I don't know if it has influance on the battery life.

Tip 1

- Set your windows mobile configuration in offline mode (like plain modus) or setup a dual boot.

- set the brightness of the screen to minimal it's fine and there's light enough to see anything.

- I have installed cpuboost and used the following configuration ( Perfromance, max cpu= 800mhz, min = 256mhz (screen on settings) Screen off settings are minimal cpu 128 mhz max is 320mhz. there are some settings available in case the battery is overheating like clockdown settings which is in my opinion the reason your battery is draining fast and it's also the reason we've got sod's. When the battery is overheating the cpu clocks back

- I've installed android booster for monitoring and killing all processes and you can even adjust the wifi, 3gs. and gps.

-Battery doctor is monitoring some of the features on the battery and can kill apps like the rest.

- I had a instable operating system a couple of times (mainly coused by app installing) I did a recovery (option next to Reboot when turn of the phone) It solved the instability most of the time.

- I also found out that a light version of android (without to much apps is more stable)

- I have made a choice in which apps suite me and my needs.

- I turn on 3g only when i need the 3g the rest is off by default (unless i need it offcourse)

-I installed everything on a EXT4 partition on my storage and choose for the 1024 mb version. I leave 120 mb on my ext4 for bufferzone I don't know if this is effecting the behaviour.

After all this tweaks my battery temp is 23 dagrees with screen of (tested by turning the screen on) CPU Boost need some time to recover to screen on configuration. its 28 dagrees with screen on and 40-50 dagrees on gaming and extreme usage.

Usage is 1,5 or 2 days with screen and 3gs off and minimal usage.

- A day or less with maximum usage which is exeptable for me.

more than 2 days isn't working out for me so far.

I found out that some apps from market are effecting the battery life and screen of dead in a positive way.

cheers and peace out!

I don't know if any of you have tips for me related to this topic??

After all this tweaks

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Meanwhile I have used my current setup for more than a month and I changed some apps to improve stability. CPUBooster is replaced by CPU Master after I installed cpu Master I noticed that my cpu frequency got changed every time I rebooted my device. It´s something that other CPU tools i´ve used does not show on start up.

Another setting I´ve changed is the cpu setting from minimal 180 to 266mhz after I have read on some posts that 266 mhz minimum is the best setting.

I immediately noticed that the phone stays stable and my battery was not getting hot anymore. I also use autokill memory optimizer at aggressive settings. And it improved speed of scrolling and app launch.

SD SPEED Increase is still in my setup even as android booster to kill some apps I don´t need all the time like market which is a resource killer by the way.

Right now I never get afraid and insecure of battery draining and SOD´s anymore. I still have my windows os on plain mode and "auto settings" in performance settings. Doesn´t know for sure if that is helping.

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