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bought used phone with flashed fw - HELP PLEASE!

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Hello & Thanks for any help!

(posted a few times to the 'absolute newbies' section without response. Now 4 days later I'm desperate to get this phone working) ...

I bought a used Omnia 2 (i8000L) but it is locked and (according to unlocking service www.fastgsm.com) cannot be unlocked without 'official firmare'. Is this true?

They specifically want to access the "UART_HFK USB_Diag" and the *#7284# / *#9090* entries do not access this file with the flashed rom installed. Is there another way to access that file for unlocking?

so I searched and found and downloaded a rom_dump posted to modaco with my phone's original files but don't know how to "flash" this to my phone. Can't really find a clear post on how to use this. Can someone explain? post a link?

So, frustrated, I looked for different avenues and searched and found way to "undelete" hidden .bin file on partition of my phone (not using winhex as too expensive). successfully saved it to computer but am scared to 'flash" it into phone as don't know what will happen (never used octans before).

investigated further and found out the rom on this phone is installed with the "xda_uc" program (thus after hard resets it just reinstalls itself). It is the "Energy ROM HD2 Build 23xxx Stock Sense 2.5 Reference".

My phone info for anyone willing to help;




From the hidden partition on my phone I have the EBoot_I8000LUG1J6.eb0 and the PDA_i8000LUGIJ6.nb0 files (official / original firmware?) I also have the rom_dump.bin files from the person who use the same telephone company the phone is locked to.

Is it safe to run "Octans" and reinstall the recovered .nb0 file? Or do I need to delete the "xda_uc" files first? Or should I try to use the rom_dump files I downloaded & how would I use them?

There are just too many options and I can't seem to figure this out jumping from forum to forum, thread to thread, modaco to xda develpers webpages ----- It's too much for a noob and I'm going bald. Save my hair! Help me. PLEASE!!!


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Update: 7/20/11

Put on my red shirt and brown pants and decided to flash with recovered .nb0 file and downloaded .csc file (originals for my device). Octans didn't recognize at first but realized I missed the F8 disable certificate / install samsung drivers step. Proceeded, ran Octans, installed, used www.fastgsm.com and successfully unlocked device with official firmware. I am happy!

Thanks for all the posts in forums with step-by-step advice for noobs and making programs available.

cheers & beers [_]?

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glad that you've got it working.

I assume you are also a Bell user? Just my opinion, but I would warn against flashing any other phone firmware since there is no way to go back, and I have run into some difficulties which I believe are attributed to the non-stock phone radio firmware.

By the way, could you please upload your EBoot_I8000LUG1J6.eb0 as there is no copy of this available online. Only Bell PDA and CSC.

Thank you.

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By the way, could you please upload your EBoot_I8000LUG1J6.eb0 as there is no copy of this available online. Only Bell PDA and CSC.

Thank you.

Trying, but keep getting the same error.

"Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file. "


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