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Someone HELP ME. how to change system of language

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I use Samsung Omnia II I8000, having the same problem.

anyone knows, please advise..


May be you have to find a rom that includes chinese in csc,when you flash new rom choose Chinese in csc

Or read this,may be it is usefull

Omnia 2: Changing Language

If your phone came with a different language pack that you don't speak, of course you will wonder "How the hell am I going to change its language?". I got the same problem when I first got my phone. Here is a quick help.

  1. Press the cube.
  2. Press the settings (cog like button, check helpful images below.)
  3. Look for a puzzle like button on the menu and press it, it is the "General Settings".
  4. At the bottom menu, you will see "Samsung TouchWiz UI" - it's not it. Choose above it, it is the language setting. There are three choices there - Local language, English, English + Local Language Input. Choose the middle one. It should show an english message confirming your selection, choose "YES".

Enjoy your new Omnia 2.

Helpful images:

cog.jpg<br class="Apple-interchange-newline">

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