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Please help~!!! Many thanks!!!!! :)

Guest joviallyn

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Guest joviallyn

Hi All,

I'm VERY new to this flashing thing. Please help me... I'd read through many many pages/threads in this forum and I'm still rather confused. Can some kind soul please give me some advices? ... My O2 is from Singapore. Below is my default version. I need to change the phone's operating language from English to Simplified Chinese. Do I flash only the PDA or CSC? Or do I have to flash both? Using Octans mini will be sufficient right? And does anyone of you happen to have the Simplified Chinese rom? I only managed to find traditional chinese from the links here and most of them are not working anymore :(

Will really appreciate any advices / help. Many thanks in advance :)

My O2 details :-




Thank you~ Thank you~

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