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reg edit bricks my 8000-II, can it recover with older reg backup ?

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Guest nitrozen

Hi folks,

hope somebody has some experience with this or can direct me to some resources/information on how to resolve my (? almost) bricked omnia 8000-II

i had recently installed a skin pack (kyro skin pack 4.3) for spb shell 3.5, but it corrupted some of my spb shell weather icons (and battery was draining faster). having made a reg backup before the install, i was using an sk-tools file manager to try and locate the backup registry file i had made so i could load it, but i made some type of error while browsing for the file and (i think) by mistake deleted some part of the current registry (which is the one i was trying to replace). i am normally happy doing those things on a desktop pc with xp/win7, but using the mini file manager on the small handheld device (with some unclear menu item labels) meant i clicked on one of the incorrect menu settings while i was hunting around in the file directories to locate the backup registry file i had made a little earlier

end result, phone crashes and turns itself off. big trouble, phone looked completely dead

the good news, after removing the battery and using the normal phone-off button to turn it on, at least the phone starts to boot to the "omnia II" screen, but that turns off a few sec later (as it should), but then just hangs with a black screen. at least its not completely dead. but using the usb cable from win7, my pc cant see the phone however, not even as a usb mass storage device

another glimmer of hope is that i can still get to the format screen with on/off/vol-up/lock-screen combo, so in theory o can at least reformat and start back from scratch to load a fresh RoM

- So is it safe for me to format ? right now my pc-usb connection cant see the phone, so i dont want to bugger things up further by doing another wrong step

- do i have any hope to recover my current install any other way and just reload my backup registry ? (prob not i guess)

- is there some type of safe mode i can boot into lie with a windows pc and work on things from there ?

- if i can format and reload a fresh rom, does anybody have a good url with the instructions of how to do that process ? i have installed 3 or 4 replacement roms since i got the phone, but try and avoid doing more then needed to reduce the risk

- anybody have similar experiences ? whats the safest way to proceed ?

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Guest nitrozen

oks, partially answered my own question

did go ahead and use the "reformat" setting, couldnt find any further information on this with web searching, so took the gamble. thankfully the phone reset itself and was able to boot normally now

the reformat only affected the main storage area, and not "my storage", so whatever was on the 8gb storage was not affected. it boots now to some type of vanilla winmo where all my previous progs are gone.

i am running TWU's lite rom, but i have no idea if it now has only wiped the programs i had installed on that rom, or if it has gone to some type of windows default setting that overwites TWU's creation

anybody know ?

very happy the phone is alive again, even if it means i have to reinstall lots of things now

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