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14 Jun Gr9 (6.3.1) - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Kindle Fire

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest jakeyablonsky

So I installed this Rom on my kindle fire today because I was tired of the memory problems with the ROMS. It works well but I can't see the Google Play in the apps. I also can't see any of the apps i put in the ROM before install it. Do you know what the problem is? If you could help me that would be great,

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Guest Rico_ben3

Okay so what I did was flash CM-10.2-20130903, gapps-jb-20130813 fromhttp://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2410112

Trying to dual boot here.

And I got Modaco Gr9.2 AltROM from here

Installed KFU 0.9.9, Installed twerp, installed fff, prepped for dual bootloader

I backed up, wiped: system, cache, dalvek, data, flashed all 3, and rebooted. After that the Jelly Bean custom rom worked wonderfully and had no problems, however when I went to the Alternate Boot it would load up the original kindle logo (from the rom/stock) and then reboot back to the main bootscreen.

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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