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Cm 1 Kernel sources

Guest woudi

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Guest erikcas

Well, you could have found this at the first post of the main thread with a little bit of extra search.

I want to know which source i am supposed to use to recompile CM1 kernel in order to activate netfilter and ip-tables

and thanks


svn checkout svn://o2droid.phj.hu/droid

above is the official dev tree

Please note you might have to recompile the extra modules, they are in modules32 dir


if you want to compile for example for B7610 you can also take source from http://code.google.com/p/omnia2droid/

svn checkout http://code.google.c...droid/svn/trunk

use make_update script for easy compiling

for I8000 ./make_update I8000 <rev>

for B7610 ./make_update B7610 <rev>

(I will update scripts later today as they are producing old update.tar.gz files now. After updating it will produce zImage and cm_o2_update.tar.gz)

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