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dual boot asus prime

Guest project_tt

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Guest project_tt

ok... i know a thing or two about android phones... etc

but what i would like to know is how to make my asus transformer prime

dual boot.

for some reason i would like to have some android version and windows 7 with surface

do you think this maybe possible, any one got any ideas etc ?

has any one done this sort of thing before with other tablets?

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Guest trilogy09

I was also pretty curious about the dual boot option since but i can't find out much about it anywhere?? I was starting to wonder if i was the only person who wanted to try this...anyways i have had some issues with dual booting with some other tablets and I'm not sure that it is entirely possible yet even with the best android tablet

I guarantee it will be in the future though and even though i haven't found any roms yet i'm keeping an eye out. Anyone else tried to do this yet?

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