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TPT for SF2

Guest chris231

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Guest dodgetimmy

Im looking to flash rootBOX ROM, but 200mb system is not enough (vivacity) so can u please make 220mb system for vivacity. :)

Have you tried the app in the market, tpt maker or something I think it is called.

Please make one for SF2 v i have been looking for it for good while and appreciate your hard work :P


These are for the San Fransisco II

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Guest uzoom
sorry for the English from translater.
tell me how to do TPT? I have gen for my osf2, install it using ZTE firmware flasher (from here ). it split 220/60/160. I tried use utility zte blade partition layout tool, created file is placed in the existing gen, but gen1 and gen2 not fit. what am I doing wrong and how can I make myself a TPT? may be exist ZTE Crescent partition layout tools? 
or reload plz this TPT:
cache 10mb

system 220mb
userdata 210mb


cache 20mb
system 220mb
userdata 200mb

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