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O2Droid CM2 ROM [email protected] Memory Storage

Guest con73

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All credits for working Android port on Omnia 2 are going to:

- almar (Marc)

- bsbsbs (Sándor)

- Egon

- phj (János)

Great thanks also to:

- erikcas

- ipaq3870

- o2droid

- Rapid81

- rom_omnia2

- voku

- voyteckst

ROM created for modaco.pl link http://www.modaco.pl...v-4-MOJA-PAMIEC

Sorry translate with polish translate google.

CyanogenMod tuturial Beta2 Omnia 2 on My Memory. 667/166/160/24 [email protected] version.


You will need:

1. OMNIA 2 8GB/2GB

2. Pack 'rom memory storage O2Droid Qipa8v4' (129MB)

3. Well, USB wire

Full installation time 10 minutes.

CyanogenMod partition Omnia 2 Beta2 is ready to install on my memory.

There is no need to configure. All it needed changes are included in this version.

You do not need to install Linux, everything we do under Windows.


-Under the menu button (the center button) is ok, back, close

-The power button is blanking / power

-In the camera's menu button

-Under the button on the camera's HOME

-My memory is installed in the directory / storage in / sdcard is the memory card

-Changed boot logo which works well with kernels @ ipaq

-Changed gps.conf. Download from the Market GPS STATUS, give GPS data reset, then download the new data (ala XTRA WM). About 2 min cold start, hot start GPS ok.20sek

Market-changed on Google Play MOD XDA - Full

-Any modifications @ ipaq without kexec (does not work well), and no watchdog

-Install package ready to 667/166/160/24 version. Then quietly everyone can do to update your version of the previous update by USB ADB

Installing tested - it works.

STEP 1 Partitioning.

a) Set the mode O2 USB storage 'MY MEMORY'.

b ) O2 Connect to your computer via USB

Run the Wizard from MiniTool Partion location utils-> programs-> partionwizard.cmd. Powinineś see all your drives including partitions My Memory.

c1). If you see a FAT32 partition. Select the partition and select options from the toolbar at the top of "Move / Resize". Enter the value of the 5585 partition and click OK. Then apply the changes aplly. (Optional if someone does not have a hidden partition).

c2). If you see two partitions, including the second is the size of 512MB.

- Copy the entire contents of my memory to the hard disk (for security)

- Delete all partitions by selecting the partition, and DELETE.

- The space CREATE create a new partition. Select Create As 'PRIMARY' (this is important!). File System "FAT32". Partion Size, type of finger 5585 and OK. APPLY Apply conversion.

- Select the created partition and select Format. Select File System "FAT32" and OK. At the end of APPLY. This partition will be visible in the phone as my memory of smaller capacity. THE BACK END lose files from hard drive to that partition.

d) Select the free space and select CREATE. Create As 'PRIMARY' (this is important!). File System "EXT4". Partion Size, type of finger 1600 (exactly 1.55 GB). And OK. Mark created the partition and select Format in which the check EXT4 file system. Then OK. At the end let APPLY (ie use change). Partition will be created and already formatted EXT4.

e) Select the rest of the free space and select CREATE again. Select Create As 'PRIMARY' (important!!) And File System (Linux swap). Click OK. As point. created above, select the partition and select Format. Again, select File System (Linux swap). At the end let APPLY. Will be created and formatted partition SWAP.

You can close Partion Wizard and restart the phone.

NOTES: The package is a screenshot that shows the order partion1.jpg and the size of the partition must be visible. It Omnia2 8GB version.

The 2GB version Omnia2 first partition will be less about 100MB. Select the experiment (I do not OMNI2 2GB). It's important to have two partitions as much as in the screenshot. Swap min. Albeit with a smaller 200MB should work too.


Installing Android. Re-connect the phone via USB to the PC.

NOTE: Image for Windows is a trial period. It should be a systemic change date for 2011! Then return to the correct date.

a) Start the Image for Windows from the location utils-> programs-> ImageForWindows.exe.

b ) Select the Restore option (Normal) and the next.

c) Select the drive where the image partition and the next.

d) Find the file O2Droid-CM2-ipaq4.TBI Select it and next

e) Select the partition to restore. LinuxNative should be 1592MB (02) and next

f) With the partition table find the early founded partition of 1592MB LinuxNative (02). Select it and the next

g) Let g YES you certify that overriding partition.

h) did not change only the next START

i) Mirror partition clean CyanogenMod Beta1 is used on the My Memory.

j) READY. You can turn off the program.

In the package are the screenshots which shows a different steps.

Files from directory to upload ('do wgrania') 'copy to the root of the SD card or Storage Memory

Running through haret.exe from your phone.

Link to ROM


Password modaco.pl

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Guest João Rodolfo

When I try to restore the image, the software Image4Windows says: The evaluation period has ended. To order the full-use version of IMAGE, visit www.terabyteunlimited.com...

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Guest abuamaar

Thanks , Great room , the only bug is the camera . when I press on Camera widget black screen com , then camera procrss end . please if there any fixe help us

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Guest ThEGraVmaN

storage memory rom O2Droid @ipaq4.zip from the link in the first post has a password. Anyone know what it is?Lmao, nevermind I see it now.

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