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Jr10 **3G** (JDQ39 / 4.2.2): MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Nexus 7 3G

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien


I'm pleased to present my MoDaCo Custom Jelly Bean ROM for the 3G Nexus 7! READ THIS WHOLE POST BEFORE YOU START! No, really, it contains everything you need to know. ;)

About MoDaCo Custom ROMs

MoDaCo Custom ROMs are based on official ROMs. A MCR release is designed to feel like a stock ROM with optimisations, tweaks and complimentary additions that enhance the user experience. The aim of a MCR is to be ultra reliable for use on an everyday device.


In order to use this ROM you must have a custom recovery installed. The ROM is installed at your own risk. A wipe IS recommended if coming from a ROM other than MCR or stock. BACK UP YOUR DEVICE BEFORE INSTALLATION!

MCR Nexus ROM features Include... (many optional via the Online Kitchen) - check kitchen defaults for what is in the prebake:

  • Based on the 4.2.2 / JDQ39 release, updated, rebuilt, compressed and optimised with the MCR build system.
      For this MCR we've used the latest available shipping ROM, updated with all the latest versions of the installed apps, which we've run through our scripts to ensure that it is as optimised as possible both for install / download size and real life performance.

    • De-odexed... re-odexable.
        Our ROMs are de-odedex, giving you the ability to flash other mods over the top, tweak the system and generally get the system set up as you want it without worrying about odex issues. We also include the 'OdexMe' application, which lets you odex your system when you're ready, saving valuable space on your data partition.

      • Pre-rooted
          All MCR ROMs are pre-rooted with SuperSU preinstalled. In addition, the kitchen allows you to choose between secure, insecure and secure with patched ADB boot images.

        • Enhanced Quick Settings
            The quick settings in Android 4.2 are cool, but limited. MCR builds include a customised version of the excellent 'Quick Settings' mod by kevdlui, allowing you to customise your toggles by holding the Settings button down. The WiFi and Bluetooth buttons are also changed to toggles - long press to access the settings menus.

          • Enhanced Power Menu
              The enhanced power menu (the one that appears when you hold down the power button) has additional options to allow you to reboot and reboot to recovery.

            • Apps aren't disabled on boot
                Jelly Bean added a feature to disable apps on boot that aren't intended for your region (Wallet, Ears, Magazines etc.). I think we're smart enough to make that decision ourselves right? So that doesn't happen in a MCR.

              • Legacy Play Store
                  Isn't it frustrating how Google removed the ability in the Play Store to see which apps you'd bought in a nice simple list? I thought so... so I created 'Legacy Play Store', which has this feature.

                • Legacy browser and Flash
                    Google might be ditching the stock browser for Chrome and Adobe might have canned Flash, but we still need to use it sometimes... so it's included in a MCR.

                  • Patched Google Wallet
                      We've patched Google Wallet to remove all region and root checks, so you can have a play!

                    • Facebook sync support
                        Google removed all support for syncing contact information via the Facebook app, we put it back. It's basic support (an app like HaxSync is more fully featured) but hey, it works!

                      • init.d support on boot
                          The init.d directory is processed on boot, allowing our (and your) startup script to be processed before the system starts up.

                        • Alternative appstores (Amazon and SlideMe Market)
                            The Amazon and SlideMe stores can be preinstalled, if that's where you like to purchased your wares.

                          • 'TweakDeck' - Tweetdeck, fixed
                              Tweetdeck was great. Twitter ruined it. It's fairly comprehensively broken on Android, but we've fixed it with TweakDeck.

                            • Titanium Backup preinstalled
                              • Once you've flashed your ROM, if you've wiped you want to get your stuff back on as quickly as possible - the option to preinstall Titanium Backup is here to help!

                                [*]MoDaCo Boot Logo

                                  Wear your MCR with pride with the MoDaCo boot logo. It can be disabled in the kitchen of course if you prefer the more subtle look.

                                  [*]And there's more!

                                    We haven't listed everything here because a) there's too much and B) there's things we've forgotten. :)

                                    MCR Nexus 7 ROM specific features Include... (many optional via the Online Kitchen) - check kitchen defaults for what is in the prebake:

                                      [*]Alternative UI options (clickable when hidden menu keys with alternate locations, search button)

                                        A number of different UI options are included - the default option makes the legacy menu button available on both sides of the screen for easy reach and also keeps them active when invisible, handy if there's a pesky menu button at the top right that you can't quite get too! You can also bring back the good old search button. In stock Android the navigation bar always stays at the bottom - in the kitchen you can choose to have this move to the right. Finally, percentage battery meters are also included in stock style and round style.

                                        [*]NFC on screen off

                                          If you use NFC tags to set profiles or similar, then the option to enable NFC on screen off might appeal to you. Be aware that we haven't benchmarked the impact this may have on battery life as yet though!

                                          [*]Stock Launcher with rotate support, Nova and Apex Launchers as options

                                            The stock launcher, with support for Landscape. So simple! If you're an Apex or Nova fan however, you can choose these to be baked right in to your ROM.

                                            [*]LatinIME (stock input method) with enhanced layout

                                              For some STRANGE reason Google thinks that if you're on a tablet, you don't want to press - hold keys to get numbers and punctuation. This is silly, we put that functionality back.

                                              [*]Camera Launcher

                                                In their infinite wisdom Google removed the Camera icon from the Nexus 7 - we put it back!

                                                [*]Disable camera shutter sound

                                                  You can disable the camera shutter sound - use responsibly!


                                                  Please see 2 posts below this one for the changelog.


                                                  To install this ROM:

                                                    [*]Download the zip file of your choice from the links below (or the online kitchen) and copy to your sdcard.

                                                    [*]Restart your device in recovery mode

                                                    [*]PERFORM A BACKUP FROM THE MENU

                                                    [*]Select the option to apply an update zip, and select the zip file you copied to the internal sd card! Remember that due to the 4.2 user changes, you may need to change to the '0' directory in recovery to find the zip!

                                                    If you have problems with Market licencing, check your device date!

                                                    First boot may take a while - be patient while it carries out it's pre-dexopt. It's worth it! :D


                                                    Please do not mirror these packs elsewhere, I am counting downloads to determine which prebakes are most popular and should be offered in the future.

                                                    Prebake downloads

                                                      [*]Jr10 release - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 37e478a5e24554979281b6c2a962977b

                                                      Kitchen download

                                                        [*]an online kitchen is also available below for subscribers to bake a Custom Custom ROM. :D

                                                        As well as via the MoDaCo store (PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit / Debit card), MoDaCo subscriptions are now available FREE via Trialpay!

                                                        A free prebake is ALWAYS available, a MoDaCo subscription gives you access to the kitchen and supports all MoDaCo developments.


                                                        If you have a general question, please post in the topic.


                                                        It's impossible to mention everyone who contributes to the Android community by name, but to everyone out there who does great work and shares it with us all - you have my gratitude and respect.

                                                        Future Updates - READ THIS!

                                                        By providing this ROM I am not guaranteeing that future updates will follow. Due to limits on my time and the fact that I have a large number of devices for short periods of time, it isn't possible for me to continue providing ROM updates indefinitely. Please do not donate / sign up on the assumption that future releases will be available (I don't want you to be disappointed!).

                                                        And finally...

                                                        If you would like to show your appreciation for the ROM, please consider supporting MoDaCo by signing up for a MoDaCo subscription!

                                                        Enjoy! :D


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Guest PaulOBrien

There may be a short wait while the load balancing software determines the best kitchen to serve your ROM. The kitchen should appear below within 20 seconds.

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Guest PaulOBrien


4th Apr

  • Updates to bundled apps where appropriate
    22nd Mar
    • Updates to bundled apps where appropriate
    • Minor changes - preperation for use of Xposed framework for modifications in next release
      1st Mar
      • All latest app updates merged in
      • Minor fixes
        26th Feb
        • Fixed missing tether options and data / signal tile.
          22nd Feb
          • Completely rebased on JDQ39 (4.2.2) with all MCR features and updates merged in.
            31st Jan
            • Updated Flash, Music, Plus and Superuser apps.
              30th Jan Jr6
              • Updated all components to the latest release
              • Added additional CyanogenMod options to the kitchen
              • Minor fixes and improvements
                18th Jan
                • Updated all 3rd party components
                • Added MoDaCo Forums app
                  28th December Jr5
                  • All installed apps updated to latest versions.
                  • Gradient fix - if you spot any bad gradients please post in topic.
                  • Numerous small improvements and bug fixes.
                    11th December Jr4
                    • All installed apps updated to latest versions.
                    • Image issues now resolved
                    • Google Now issues in landscape mod now resolved
                    • 7th December

                        [*]MoDaCo Boot Animation now available.

                        6th December

                          [*]Jr3 prebake online

                          5th December

                            [*]Updated all components to the latest release

                            [*]Fixed embedded maps crash

                            [*]All builds now include a customised version of the excellent 'Quick Settings' mod by kevdlui

                            [*]A number of other small fixes and improvements

                            [*]Added option to enable NFC when screen is off

                            [*]Unified kitchen options across Nexus MCRs (some additional options available)

                            28th November

                              [*]Wallet updated to latest patched release

                              28th November

                                [*]Updated to Android 4.2.1

                                26th November

                                  [*]Fixed Flash install

                                  23rd November

                                    [*]Updated YouTube in kitchen to enable preloading

                                    [*]Updated some preinstalled apps to latest version

                                    22nd November

                                    • Initial upload
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Guest PaulOBrien

I've just updated the kitchen to include the patched YouTube app with preloading enabled and also updated versions on a couple of the preinstalled apps.


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Guest PaulOBrien

The kitchen has been updated to 4.2.1, i'll update the prebake shortly once i've finished the testing. Some additional mods coming for the next release, together with tweaked kitchen options!


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Guest PaulOBrien
Does this ROM give the option to turn off the 3G data connection? I'm hoping it might be part of "Enhanced Power Menu.". Cheers Y.

You can do that on stock?


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Guest Ydnaroo

Ah! Found it buried in Data Usage. It would be nice if it was a bit easier to get at. I'd have thouught it should have been in 'Quick settings' or at least on the Power widget. Ta :-)

Quick edit: Even with data turned off the N7 is maintaining the 3G radio connection, this must be using power and will likely use more when the signal is weak. It must be possible to disable the 3G connection completely because it is turned off in Aeroplane Mode. Suggestion for the ROM?

Edited by Ydnaroo
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I got my N7-3G 3 days back & was disappointed to see WiFi hotspot and the Dialer disabled. Do the tethering & SMS options in this ROM enable these two? Also, is Arabic keyboard available (it's there with the stock ROM).

Newbie question: I see that you keep updating the ROM/kitchen. Does that mean I have to reflash the ROM every time or is it possible to download only the updated applications?


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Guest PaulOBrien

I made some minor kitchen adjustments to bring the Galaxy Nexus / N4 / N7 (and future N10) options in line, which adds and moves a few features for this ROM. These will be reflected in the next version pre-bake.


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Guest Hing-Chung Chu


Can someone confirms me this custom ROM works with WiFi Tether by Muller/ Lemons/ Buxton ?

This app requires :

1) Root

2) Netfilter-enabled kernel (most stock-kernel nowadays come with such a kernel).

So I'm worndering if this ROM has this 'Netfilter-enabled kernel'

I keep having error on "Setting ad-hoc mode"

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Guest PaulOBrien

Good news campers!

The kitchen bakes now include a N7 configured and tweaked version of kevdliu's excellent Quick Settings mod, which allows you to modify the quick settings tiles! :)

I am adding further kitchen options to allow reversion to the phone style two finger notification bar and a patch to allow NFC with screen off then i'll issue a new prebake tomorrow. :)


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