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Zeno Sloim Canada Ski Webcams 2013.2 build 2013-02-08

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Zeno Sloim Canada Ski Webcams 2013.2 build 2013-02-08


Date: 2013-02-08











This program is dedicated to the memory of my beloved parents Regina and Marcu Sloim.

Due to them and the no-cost (supported by state) system of university education in Romania of 1979-1984 I could become a computer engineer.

To all people who want to see most beautiful ski resorts from Canada, the country of Shania Twain.

To all people who still believe that humanity is above money and profit and all people are equal.



1. Windows CE, WM2003, WM5, WM6, WM6.1, WM6.5, WM6.5.3 pda/phone/device with QVGA,VGA or WVGA screen.

2. Microsoft NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP2

3. Microsoft SQL Mobile 5 (SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition)



Run installer-pc.exe on your pc or installer-ppc.exe on your ppc device or installer-sp on your smartphone, or installer-ce.exe on your Windows CE device.

Legal aspects


Is this program legal?

Yes. All informations and sources are based on free available information and sources. No licences or copyrights were infringed. All is legal to use.

How much does it cost?


This program made by me, Zeno Sloim, is completeley free to use and test. I do not demand any payment or any other material form of recompense.

My program is done as Freeware and may be used by anyone.

However it may be not used or included by any person or company in a shareware product or which demands paying.

Detailed information


Made by Zeno Sloim.

Based on Alfredo Morresi Webcam Holmes 1.0 released as freeware in 2007.

I was born in Romania, many of my old comrades (computer engineers - both hardware and software developers) from Technical University of Iasi, emigrated to Canada finding a new life. I choosed to emigrate to Sweden.

Many times I wish I had choosen Canada instead, hence my sentimental affection to Canada: wonderful wild nature, Shania Twain music, among others.

The idea is to offer in a mobile form, a direct visual experience of wonderful places like:

Banff Sunshine Village, Big White, Canmore, Fernie, Kicking Horse, Lake Louise, Mount Sutton, Mount Washington, Nakiska, Norquay, Red Mountain, Silver Star, Sun Peaks, Whistler Blackcomb - Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Blackcomb - Horstman Glacier, Whistler Blackcomb - Whistler Mountain, Whistler Blackcomb - Whistler Peak.

I want to express my gratitude to those canadian sites who host the included cameras.

I was asked why not developing for Apple? I gave a clear answer: I do not agree with the gready aggressive commercialism of Apple, I do not agree with their restrictive politics for developers, which is not because of their effort for securing the consumer, but for maximising Apple's profit. I will never develop for Apple.

Why not for Android? Android is far insecure compared to Windows Mobile, there are not enough advanced security programs which can identify malware components in apk-s, much more difficult to analyse compared to file system in Windows Mobile.

Even today, after more years of Android, when it comes to advanced serious software, Windows Mobile is still on top. While in Windows Mobile is so easy and fast to check a new program for hidden malware and backdoors, that is not the case with Android, far more complicated and time consuming.

In Windows Mobile is very easy and very little resurse-consuming to assure maximal security and privacy for own data, no matter what software you use. In Android is much more difficult to achieve same level of security and own privacy.

Android is still full of backdoors and holes where various authorities can access your private data, that is not the case with Windows Mobile.

Why such a mess with Android, because no part is interested and on contrary, a lot of governments are taking the road of total control and surveying like in Orwell 1984 and Android is an ideal platform for such things.

I remain devoted to Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 platform, which is the last one offering maximal security and privacy for the user/consumer. Neither Windows Phone 7 or 8, neither Android or IOS (Apple) offer enough resources for privacy, own security and freedom of choice to choose what to install without being "controlled" by Big-Brother.

No other concurrent platform to WM6.1 has such a widespread offer of real serious software and not junk as is on the so-called Android market or Apple apps.

For those still aware of their personal integrity I recommend: stay to WM6.1.

Avoid Windows Phone 7-8, avoid Android and avoid any Apple product.

Program history


- v1.0 build 2011-01-29 - first version, contains 104 cameras from 20 locations in Canada.

- v2.0 build 2011-02-04 - second version, contains 211 cameras from 50 locations in Canada.

- Canada Ski Webcams 2013.2 build 2013-02-08 - updated version, contains 287 cameras from 55 locations in Canada



With respect,

Zeno Sloim

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