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Camera quality?

Guest NeostarNeko

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Guest NeostarNeko

So yea peeps what's the camera like?

All the reviews are mixed, some good some bad :mellow:

I have both a U8800 and an Xperia Play, both of them are 5megapixel but only the latter produces good quality photos. Though my U8800 just suffers from focus problems it seems as it sometimes produces good (acceptable) photos

If I switch to this G510 thing will the photos be okay and clear? Can someone take some photos with it and upload it here please

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Guest Andymac1969

I am no David Bailey, but the camera seems ok, it is very instant when you take a picture, no lag at all.

Have a look at these pics, not a terribly well lit room, in order Ascend G300, Ascend G510 and a 14mp Kodak camera




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