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Guest frazer_cooper

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Guest ZolaIII

Du you know a developer trade url for the change log info?

Amazing speed is based on your personal impression or its benchmark based?

Iz it a real costume rom or repackaged stock?

No need to answer it's just renamed version of the G510 whit changed bild property's to Y300!

Is there eni real development out there at all?

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Guest maverick85

I keep getting the message: "Unfortunately, system UI has stopped." every three seconds on my Y300-0100. I installed version 1.4.1 using TWRP v2.5... I can navigate the Sony xperia like UI but again keep getting pestered with the message.

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Guest Phrank

Seems decent enough, very Sony, except for one thing... No sound at all during music playback. Actually, I get a tiny burst of sound and then it's off. Tried with a few different apps, fiddled with all settings, still nothing.

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