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I8000 android GPS

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Guest argentinos

i am starting a new thread since android gps on I8000 is driving me crazy

i have tried stock settings of many ROMS (froyob2, froyob3, cmb2, frenkiedroid, twister, chinese ROMS etc)

I have modified these ROMS (new gps.conf, new secgps, new ril etc)

i have installed gps fix, gps status, faster gps etc

nothing seems to be working. my phone can see many satellites but can never lock not even one of them

The gps hardware is working. on wm operatign system i am able to lock at least 6 of them in tenths of seconds

I install all these ROMS on sd card if this has to do with it

Any ideas ? If gps can (tested not theory) lock satellites on anyone of you, please tell me the ROM you installed and if/what modifications you made and how long to wait for first lock

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Guest argentinos

ok after searching the internet i found a solution on how to fix gps on android

follow these steps

  1. Open haret to start android

  2. when android starts go to settings/location and security

  3. Deselect "use wireless networks" and "use gps satellites"

  4. go to home and select "shortcuts" - "activities"-"lbsTestMode" and select the first of many lbsTestMode from the menu kai click ok

  5. Open lbstestmode from home screen

  6. click on application settings then select/modify operation mode "ms-based", start mode "hot start", gps plus "on", dynamic accuracy "off", accuracy "19", gps logging "off"

  7. press back button and next go to SUPL/CP SETTINGS

  8. Add as server the following and set as port 7276, supl secure socket "off" and Agps mode "SUPL"

  9. Press again back button and select "Delete gps data"

  10. using root explore open in editor /system/etc/gps.conf

  11. Delete everything exept the following NTP_SERVER=europe.pool.ntp.org (or northamerica.pool.ntp.org) etc according to your continent

  12. Press back button and save

  13. restart your phone

  14. now is better to lock satellites using your windows mobile system

  15. After locking satellites you enter again android using haret.

  16. Go to settings/location and security and select "use wireless networks" and "use gps satellites"

  17. Open mobile data on your phone (though not necessary)

  18. Open your favourite gps program (igo, tomtom, route66 etc), input destination andi wait for your phone to lock satellites (won't be long)

  19. Finished. Enjoy you gps
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