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Has anyone succeeded in getting zRAM on any ROM?

Guest KenBW2

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Guest KenBW2

I've just had a bash at trying various of the CM10.1 versions here, on androidhilfe.de and htcmania - the May and June builds, using the Sisco 0.1.1 and 1.0 kernels.

There are a couple that promise zRAM support (the ones with the 1.0 kernel), and it does indeed appear in Settings > Performance > Memory Management. If I enable it and reboot however, I see no improvement - I still only have 190MB free RAM on a clean boot.

IMO this is the biggest breakthrough our memory-starved G510s/Y300s need, and I'm wondering if anyone has succeeded in enabling it.

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Guest ZolaIII

zRAM or the "compcache" & Swap...

Problem is that we have 0 real developers - programmers!

The stock kernel is enabled to use modules (ko) bat we need someone to write, compile & implement them...

On the other hand kernel's like cm have them!

Tray this app with Cm!


Or a this one for fine tuning...


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