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[ROM] FusionX Huawei Y300 v1.0 [B199] [Full HWA]

Guest tillaz

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Guest tillaz


This ROM is made for the Huawei Y300-0100, it is indented to be as AOSP as possible, everything you need is in the FAQ on the second post so please read that before posting any problems or questions, and when reporting bugs be clear on what device you are using and attach screenshots or logcat if possible.

Screenshot_2013-09-08-10-10-38_8jHYbs.pn Screenshot_2013-09-08-10-11-02_k060vJ.pn Screenshot_2013-09-08-10-11-18_sQ53mp.pn Screenshot_2013-09-08-10-11-47_2U8GtA.pn Screenshot_2013-09-08-10-12-44_zCbmr3.pn Screenshot_2013-09-08-10-13-37_4gMUog.pn Screenshot_2013-09-08-10-03-24_Pv70Ty.pn Screenshot_2013-09-08-10-16-02_IFJG7X.pn


Change Log


- Removed EMUI
- AOSP System
- Nova Launcher
- DSP Manager
- Ported Moto Camera
- 720P Recording
- 800x480 Recording
- Pre Rooted / SuperSU
- Extended Power Menu
- Init.d Kernel Suport


- X Theme Engine
- Customizable status bar
- System Tweaks Menu
- AOKP Performance Control
- System Updates Via OTA
- Volume Button Music Controls
- Xsposed Framework
- Toggle AOKP Battery mod


- Fixed OTA updater
- Disabled WiFi disconected nag
- Changed built in boot anim
- Semi transparent notification bar
- Fixed stuff in settings apk
- AOSP auto brightness config
- AOSP animation speed config
- AOSP volume ajust panel
- FusionX tabbed settings menu
- fixed shadowing glitch seen in some games
- AOSP Gallery, removed quickpic
- Reverted to stock animations
- Battery stats settings fixed


- Clear all button on recent apps
- RAM usage bar on recant apps
- More status bar color options
- Extra power menu options for reboot
- CyanogenMod 10 style power Toggles


- Fully working HWA
- AOSP messaging app
- Big system Clean up
- fixed battery drain
- fixed wake lock
- Improved performance
- Improved battery life


- Rebased on B194
- Rebuilt fusionX settings
- Fixed Mms
- Updated xposed framework
- Fixed statusbar problem
- Proper CM10 toggles
- Trebuchet launcher
- New customisation options

- And lots more i have forgot about because of the lack of time


- Reverted to Apex
- Tabbed fusion x settings
- Bug fixes - Full list here


- Rebased on B196
- Bug fixes from B05

Beta 6.1

- Fixed messaging app
- other Fixes



Beta 7
- Fixes 
- Improvements
- Remove Xblast module
- Add GravityBox
- Update Xposed Framework
Beta 8
- Re-based on B199
- KitKat Sounds
- Fixes
- Performance +
- DSP Manager
- Move Xposed to data
- Apn-config
- Fix default tones
- Add init.d
- Fix edit in gallery

Apps that are available on the market are no longer included, Look here for info

- Gmail
- Calendar
- Play Music

Instructions for Xposed framework

Once the ROM boots up for the first time go to settings / Fusion X / Xposed Framework / Framework
Press Install/Update, then select the Modules tab and tick all boxes and reboot.

v1.0 Link > Download (177mb) Read the FAQ sometimes its updated with new releases

Thanks / Credits

- rovo89 - Xposed Framework
- Ceco - GravityBox Module
- H3ROS - Help with HWA
- CyanogenMod Team
- AOKP Team

- danny19901 - Y300



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Guest tillaz

FAQ: Please read before posting your problem

Why is the AOKP battery module no longer included and how can i get it back?

I just removed it from the rom as not everyone will want this one, here is link for it, install like a normal apk > Link

Some things from stock are not included can i get them back ?

Sure just ask me in the forum and i will add them here as requested

Where can i get more battery mods for the xposed framework ?

You can use the UOT kitchen to make a battery mod module, then replace the .png images in the .apk to suit your needs,

make sure new the .png file names match the old so they are overwriting the old > Link

How can i easily restore my apps and data on first install or across updates ?

Use this app to make a backup before installing the rom or an update then restore after installing the rom / update > Link

Where can i get themes for the X theme engine ?

You would need to search the internet for "X theme engine theme", here are some links > Link1, Link2

Alternatively you can find CM themes on xda and port them for X theme engine its very easy, here are instructions Link3

My carrier name has changed to FusionX on statusbar & lockscreen ?

Look at the FusionX settings in the statusbar section, leaving the text field blank for custom carrier label will revert to carrier name

The phone is not recognising my SIM contacts what should i do ?

Go to the the people app and press the menu button, select import/export

now select import from SIM card, press the menu button again and select import all

I am confused about the default storage, how do i select the SDcard as default ?

Your default storage is probably already SDcard if you have one in the phone, look here > Link

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Guest peterck

What android version for example 4.2.2 and my models is Huawei ascend G510-100 would I be able to flag this rom?

Edited by peterck
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Guest TangerineTractor
What android version for example 4.2.2 and my models is Huawei ascend G510-100 would I be able to flag this rom?

It's based on stock 190 so it's 4.1.1 for y300-100. Nobody has even tried flashing it on one of them yet, so its a bit early to be asking what other devices it might work on. Once it is available, flash it and try it yourself. From previous experience, Tillaz roms trend to be pretty good and stable, but this is his first y300 Rom, he's only had the phone a couple of days, give the guy a chance!

Tillaz optimises his roms for the hardware, so I wouldn't expect it to run on a different device without issues.

Unless huawei quality control has drastically improved since the g300, I am sure we will find that different people get differrent issues, even on seemingly identical hardware. The only way to see if a Rom does what you want is to install and try it yourself. And do a full wipe and install of everything, don't try restoring app backups and things, at least not in the first place, otherwise you don't know what bugs are in the Rom and what have been brought in from the backup.

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Guest Dark_NiGhtMaRe

I can't wait for this ROM, please, upload it when possible, i'm impatient for test it :D

I'm sure that this ROM is going to be a breaktrought ;)

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Guest j00k3r

i will not sleep tonight untill this ROM is flashed on my huawei, will wait as long as it takes, i can't watch this stock anymore... :D

thank U for Your amazing work,

cheers ! ;)

Edited by j00k3r
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Guest Frankish

Seems too good to be true this rom all we will need is a custom kernel with slight over clock and swap support as this phone kills tasks relentlessly.

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Guest tillaz

i found a problem with the custom settings so had to go back on ubuntu and look at the source, took me a while but its fixed now :)

will be uploading the rom soon just need to sign it and have a quick check that the newly built System Tweak settings are working properly

30 mins and Beta 1 should be up.

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Guest Clarkiieh

Waiting for my boot loader to be unlock then once I've rooted I shall try ;) good ram usage? Also can I have the option to use a xperia theme? I just hate the nova and apex MMS apps, there just too old school

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Guest tillaz


please read the whole first post as its very important if your not familiar with the xposed framework

and if you have a problem read the FAQ first.

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Guest Ducsidu

The toggles are gone because you "deleted" them, or it's buggy on my phone?

BTW I like it so far, it's really smooth.

Edited by Ducsidu
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Guest tillaz

The toggles are gone because you "deleted" them, or it's buggy on my phone?

BTW I like it so far, it's really smooth.

those toggles where part of EMUI, there are no toggles in AOSP 4.1.1, which this rom has a lot ported from

when i get time i will add similar toggles found in CyanogenMod 10

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