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[RECOVERY][ALL] CWM [08/08/2013]

Guest Kra1o5

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Guest Kra1o5

Because some people have problem with touch in TWRP i compile one CWM.

You need Unlocked Bootloader.


Install it in Fastboot mode directly downloading this zip , unzip it in a folder, turn off the phone and put it in Fastboot mode by pressing Vol- and Power at a time for a few seconds and release, it will have been stuck on the logo of Huawei. Now connect your phone to your PC and open the file "Here choose correct file for your OS". Once installed, the phone will automatically restart.






Flash one of this zip in recovery:

Koush Superuser:

http://download.cloc...edlu9e82Du1g2BA (Recommended)

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Guest Frankish

Really good although I'm one of the few who haven't had touch issues with TWRP. Always preferred CWM but liking the touch support in TWRP now.

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Guest ZolaIII

I don't understand why people still has problem with twrp since their 2.6 update touchscreen been working fine.

They are not having problems with current builds bat will have with CMs!

Recovery is a part that should be a rock solid reliable on all roms there for TWRP or others that are touch firmware related (Google input flinger) are not fully soutable.

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hey there - i may just be a dumbass, but i definitely am a newbie to this phone (y300-0100) ... i wonder if anyone can help clarify Kra1o5y's instructions, as i'm failing to understand at around the point where it says connect to PC. if anyone can give me the baby steps version, that'd be grrreat.

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Guest Clarkiieh

Baby step...

Haveyou unlocked boot loader?

Are you rooted?

Have you got the driver for the phone selected in the device management on your PC control panel?

Download the files.. And extract to desktop.

Open the InstallCWM folder..

You will see a Install windows.cmd I think...

Now take the battery.

Wait a few seconds.

Put the battery back in.

Hold volume down


Power at the same time

Now you will be stuck on the huawei ascend boot logo (fastboot)

Connect your phone via the USB cable

Click the install windows.cmd

Follow instructions

Now test it has works by taking out the battery after your phone has restarted and pressing volume up and power .. Keep it held down until cwm recovery come up :)

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Guest naddaroxX

uhmm... I don't want to sound lyk a doofus or anything, but can someone teach me how to flash CWM on the g510? most softwares lyk ROM manager say UNSUPPORTED DEVICE... so please? a step by step instruction perhaps?

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