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Changing the Launcher on the Y300

Guest dannab

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Hi Eveybody!

I have the Huawei Y300. I'm trying to change the Default Launcher to Launcher Pro, using Home Switcher. It doesn't seem to let me to do this though, as it just resets to the default Huawei Launcher every time I press the home button. Has anybody got any ideas please?



Edit: I don't particularly fancy rooting it if possible ;)

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Go to settings.

Manage apps.

Find Huawei's home app

Click it and find reset defaults.

Press the home button.

Press the launcher you want to use

And press always

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Did this work for you? Another tip for stock ROM..

If you want the default android lock screen.. Go to:


Manage apps


Find Huawei Lock screen app.

Force stop and disable...

I forgot to mention that you need to force stop huaweis launcher too.. It just stops it running in the background

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I can't print some pictures as a guide cause I have tillaz ROM.. But you can root your phone without unlocking boot loader my friend, I know you said you didn't but I kinda guess you don't cause all the fuss unlocking boot loader? Well there is a easy and Safe way to root without unlocked. Its on the XDA website all you need is a computer :)

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