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(Request) MIUI 4 HUAWEI ASCEND G510/Y300

Guest bgmenot111

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Hello everybody

please click here

He requested miui rom for huawei ascend g510/y300 & G600

one person answered him:

As Soon As Somebody Develop MIUI Roms For Those Devices Without Bugs ,Separated Threads For Each Device Will Be Created.

Till Then Thread Is Closed.

Why we can not access to miui for G510? why developers just work on CM????

We can download miui for G510 in this topic:


but it has many bugs!

please develop miui for g510! not ported it.

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MIUI ROMs are mostly based on CM kernel because MIUI kernel isn't open source. Wait for fully working CM and after that you might see fully working MIUI ROM soon.

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